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Red Bull Aims for British Grand Prix

Odds & News | MK ( Fri 8th, July 2011 )

With freshly 24 years of age, the Red Bull F1 Driver Sebastian Vettel is the youngest world champion in the Formula One

The Champion of the last Grand Prix in Spain now aims for a new victory at the British Track of Silverstone Circuit this coming Sunday.

It´s strongly believed that the Red Bull Drivers are the favorites to win the British Santander this year, with the new pits and paddock plus the new Start-Finish straight between Club and Abbey. The high speed turns of Northampton shire circuit happens to be like made for their Adrian Newey-designed rocket ships, which have helped them to win the race during the last years.

Everybody knows the Red bull team dominate the tracks lately, they have plenty of resources and the skilled talents of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. To have a chance against such strong team, things must go awry; a strategic mistake, a driver error, mechanical failures or weather adversity. For the rival team McLaren Diver Lewis Hamilton, the Red Bull team appears unbeatable; to have an opportunity against the Red Bull they ¨need to fall off the track¨.

Jenson Button, a McLaren Team Driver and the closest rival to Vettel; is 77 points below, and he knows what is to be on the lead and the pressure that comes with it. but to catch Vettel he needs to win 3 races at least, not an easy feat, but Button is convinced that can be done, after all%u2026 it has happened before.

The optimism shown by Button wasn´t enough for the McLaren Team, some uncertainty due to changes on the rules about the off-throttle blown diffusers, which the governing body brought at Silverstone, looks like a silly attempt to stop the Red Bull charge; however, this may be more like a backfire. These new rules forbid the modifications in the engine map that allow exhausting air through a rear diffuser even when the driver doesn´t have the foot on the throttle. For Hamilton, these changes will affect his team more than the Red Bull, but the results are still an unfold mystery for both.

While these changes remain in the shadows, everybody knows that they will affect the cars in a lot of ways when speaking about performance, and the results at the Silverstone track will be most influenced by the way each team manage the use of these rules. In the middle of all these underground cold war, Ferrari has remained silent, watching the fight from behind the lines.

With these new restrictions place on the off-throttle, the pressure and the struggle to remain competitive, this coming race at the British Grand Prix will provide many fans with an exciting experience that nobody should miss.

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