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Auto Racing (Formula 1)

Odds & News | Shweta Dubey ( Thu 6th, October 2011 )

Auto racing (Formula 1) is immensely popular racing sport among viewers and players.

Formula 1 has tremendous fan following offline as well as online viewers. It is the most popular and highly sophisticated game in the world and is associated with the generation of huge revenues as well. It is officially referred as the FIA. Formula 1 World Championship is one of the highly reputed Championships in the whole world, which is sponsored by the FIA. Championship of the auto racing is set to be in the series of the races commonly known as Grand prix.

Formula 1 race is a combined result of the two annual world class championships where one is for the driver and second for the constructors. It requires high track officials, racing drivers, constructor teams, purpose built circuit all these stuffs are complete by the holders of the valid super license. FIA issues the highest class racing license for the players in the Auto Racing (Formula 1). The cars that are used in such events are the fastest circuit racing cars in the world and they own the camera speed that is achieved through generating a large amount of aerodynamic down force.

The speed of the formula one car is ranging up to 360 km per hour with the engines limiting their performance for a maximum revolution of 18,000 revolutions in a single minute. These cars are enough for the lateral acceleration more than 5g in comers. These cars highly depend on electronics for their performance, although there have been restrictions in the traction control as well as other aids in driving since the year 2008 along with tyres, suspension and aerodynamics. The sport encompasses several changes since the inception of this sport until now. The traditional base of this sport is in Europe, where the races are organized every half of the year. The scope of the sport has extended significantly during the recent years along with the increasing number of Grand Prix organized on other continents.

The global television audience of 527 million people is examined in the formula one gaming during the course of 2010 at the FIA Formula One World Championship. This racing championship started in 1906 and during the mid of 20th century, it became the most popular form of racing at the international level. The commercial rights of this form of racing are under the hands of the Formula One Group and their annual spending over the event counts around billions of US dollars. The economic effect of the Formula One racing is quite significant and it reports its wide impact on political and financial battles.

Its popularity and high profile makes a good merchandizing environment for it resulting in huge investments from the budgeting and sponsors in hundreds millions. As after 2000, due to increasing costs and expenditures, these teams are getting minimum support from the sports betting and automotive industry. Still, its popularity is vast among the formula one lovers and they are enjoying watching and being participants in Auto Racing (Formula 1).

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