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The phrase All Star can means many things, for a Baseball player is one of the most honorable titles

And an esteemed honor to be part of such event. This year, the All-Stars event held on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at the home of the Diamond Backs, the Chase Field, in Phoenix Arizona.

The past Sunday, the Rooster of both leagues was finally revealed, and two things were made clear, that this year the balloting process was bigger and more popular than in the past, and that it has a turnover form one year to the next in a quite significant difference. A lot of strong players will be filling the rooster of the American League and National League starting lineups for this classic event. Players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, Lance Berkman, Ryan Braun and Brian McCann are just some of those who figure among the summoned stars.

Of the 17 players chosen; only fourth started at the 2010 edition of this event, Jeter, Braun, Robinson Cano and Hamilton. While Gonzalez, McCann, Alex Avila, Matt Kemp, Jose Bautista, Rickie Weeks and Curtis Granderson debut for the first time, while last year favorite Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer are not present. This year, had a sudden explosion of talented players, the record in the ballot for All-Stars voters prove it. Of all the Stars, Bautista led the record of votes with 7,454,753. With 54-homer in 2010 and amazing half season in 2011, he leads the Majors with 26 homers and 1.150 OPS, and keeps growing.

The Voting numbers this year were incredible high, and most of them because of Bautista, but also due to other three AL starters; Cano, Granderson, and Ortiz. These three players surpassed Griffey´s former total record. Also, Braun established a new NL record of 5,928,004 votes; it´s at least 9 million of votes if you can combine them.

Due to a wrist injury, Pujols will be at the disable, at least while during the All-Star break; though, there are some reports that indicate that he is recovering at a fast rate. This gap was the opportunity for Prince Fielder who used a monstrous first half to take out Votto and star his second All-Stars Game.

The fans choose 17 starting position players, but by a combination of player ballot, 49 were chosen the two All-Star Game managers and the MLB, so the skippers Ron Washington (AL) and Bruce Bochy (NL) picked 5 players to define the All-Star Game final vote, sponsored by Sprint and the fans were able to vote since Thursday. The starter´s rooster looks like this at the moment:

American League:

  • Catcher: Alex Avila (Tigers)
  • Second base: Robinson Cano (Yankees)
  • Third base: Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
  • Shortstop: Derek Jeter (Yankees)
  • Outfield: Jose Bautista (Blue Jays), Curtis Granderson (Yankees) and Josh Hamilton (Rangers)
  • DH: David Ortiz (Red Sox)

Nationals League:

  • Catcher: Brian McCann (Braves)
  • First base: Prince Fielder (Brewers)
  • Second base: Rickie Weeks (Brewers)
  • Third base: Placido Polanco (Phillies)
  • Shortstop: Jose Reyes (Mets)
  • Outfield: Ryan Braun (Brewers), Matt Kemp (Dodgers) and Lance Berkman (Cardinals)

The All-Stars game is something that cannot be ignored; after all, not everybody has the opportunity to witness an incredible show and display of sports talents in the same place. On Tuesday, the arena will be open, and the NL will try to grab a victory like they did in last year after 14 years of being the underdog, while at the same time the AL will try to keep the crown as the ruling circuit; but the end everything is for the fans.

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