MLB Top 5 Free Agents

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The hunt for the best man to fill their rosters is no new on any American Sports Team

This re-search ritual for prominent players apply for the NFL, NBA NHL and of course is not absent from the MLB either. Every team wants to get his hands on the best players available with free agency, offering exorbitant quantities of money and fame. Of course this doesn´t mean every free agent on the field qualifies to be in the privileged spots of a team, so these talent hunters have quite a task when looking for the right player to add on their team. Actually there are 5 players in the mind of many big teams to fill those places, żBut would they fit on them?

One of the first names that come to mind is B.J. Upton. Upton has proven that he is a talented sportsman. Lately we have seen him struggling while trying to survive the expectations around him. Upton has shown that he could continue with this burden, as he already has put up a three 20/20 seasons during his career. Upton is the main target of the Atlanta Braves this winter. Getting him on the Braves roster will help them to recover some of production lost by Clipper Jones when retired and Michael Bourn decided to go on free agency.

Now, speaking of going free agency, Michael Bourne is one of those tentative players that may fit on any team and the Washington Nationals know that fact quite well. Even if the Nationals have lots of outfield spots occupied; they are in need of a real center fielder. Getting Bourne will allow them a table-setter at the top of its lineup and allow them to put Bryce Harper in a more productive position over the right field.

Zack Greinke decided to ring the free agency bell too, and with this decision, Los Angeles Angels pitching staff may be crippled a little bit this winter, especially since they trade away Ervin Santana and abandoned Dan Harem option. Los Angeles Angels still have Jered Weaver and C.J.Wilson on their rotation, but the gaps are evident. The best the Angels can do is taking Greinke back to the lineup. Re-signing Greinke will give them that edge that every World Series team requires.

Deciding between a Japan and the New York Yankees has been a hard dilemma for Hiroki Kuroda. There are a lot of teams on the MLB looking to add Kuroda to their roster; but the only ones to have a real opportunity to acquire him are the Yankees. New York would love to have him back for the coming season.

Like Bourne, Josh Hamilton fit well into any lineup thanks to his offensive production; and probably many teams would be interested in acquiring the Outfielder if the opportunity shows up; but there is only one team for this man and that would be the Texas Rangers. Plus the great number he has added to the Rangers during his stay with them, the team has played an important part in helping him to overcome issues of his personal life, so there are more matters than only business on his relationship with the Texas Rangers; so he probably will be with them the next season.

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MLB Top 5 Free Agents

The hunt for the best man to fill their rosters is no new on any American Sports Team Read more...

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