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MLB Injuries

Last update: Aug 28th, 2015 at 06:15 AM

Arizona Diamondbacks
Jeremy Hellickson(P)2015/8/19Strained left hamstringon 15-day DL
Tuffy Gosewisch(C)2015/5/28Torn left ACL - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Phil Gosselin(2B)2015/5/18Avulsion fracture, left thumbon 60-day DL
Atlanta Braves
Manny Banuelos(P)2015/7/25Left elbow inflammationon 15-day DL
Jason Grilli(P)2015/7/12Ruptured left Achilles - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Paco Rodriguez(P)2015/5/30Strained left elbowon 60-day DL
Dan Winkler(P)2015/4/5Recovery from right elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Mike Minor(P)2015/3/27Left rotator cuff inflammationon 60-day DL
Chris Withrow(P)2015/2/21Recovery from right elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Shae Simmons(P)2015/2/20Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Baltimore Orioles
J.J. Hardy(SS)2015/8/24Groin strainon 15-day DL
Chaz Roe(P)2015/8/10Right shoulder injuryon 15-day DL
Mike Wright(P)2015/8/1Strained left calfon 15-day DL
Boston Red Sox
Steven Wright(P)2015/8/14Concussionon 7-day DL
Koji Uehara(P)2015/8/8Fractured right wrist - out for seasonon 15-day DL
Dustin Pedroia(2B)2015/7/23Right hamstring strainon 15-day DL
Clay Buchholz(P)2015/7/11Right flexor strainon 60-day DL
Anthony Varvaro(P)2015/4/29Right flexor strainon 60-day DL
Brandon Workman(P)2015/4/3Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Christian Vazquez(C)2015/3/30Right elbow sprainon 60-day DL
Chicago Cubs
Jason Motte(P)2015/8/24Right shoulder strainon 15-day DL
Jorge Soler(RF)2015/8/24Strained left obliqueon 15-day DL
Rafael Soriano(P)2015/8/4Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Neil Ramirez(P)2015/7/29Left abdominal sorenesson 15-day DL
Jacob Turner(P)2015/3/27Strained flexor tendon, right elbowon 60-day DL
Chicago White Sox
Daniel Webb(P)2015/8/5Mid right back strainon 15-day DL
Cincinnati Reds
Billy Hamilton(CF)2015/8/19Jammed right shoulderon 15-day DL
Manny Parra(P)2015/8/19Biceps tendinitis, left shoulderon 15-day DL
Nate Adcock(P)2015/7/27Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Jon Moscot(P)2015/6/16Left shoulder surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Zack Cozart(SS)2015/6/11Right knee surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Devin Mesoraco(C)2015/5/21Left hip surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Homer Bailey(P)2015/4/24Torn UCL, right elbow - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Sean Marshall(P)2015/3/27Left shoulder surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Cleveland Indians
Carlos Carrasco(P)2015/8/22Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Chris Johnson(3B)2015/8/15Infection, left handon 15-day DL
Nick Hagadone(P)2015/7/7Lower back strainon 60-day DL
TJ House(P)2015/5/1Left shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Gavin Floyd(P)2015/4/4Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Colorado Rockies
Michael McKenry(C)2015/8/19Lateral meniscus tear, right kneeon 60-day DL
Boone Logan(P)2015/8/12Left elbow inflammationon 15-day DL
Kyle Kendrick(P)2015/8/1Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Corey Dickerson(LF)2015/7/31Non-displaced rib fractureon 15-day DL
Tyler Anderson(P)2015/7/10Stress fracture, left elbowon 60-day DL
Jordan Lyles(P)2015/6/1Sprained left big toeon 60-day DL
Justin Morneau(1B)2015/5/15Concussionon 60-day DL
Adam Ottavino(P)2015/4/26Right triceps inflammationon 60-day DL
Tyler Chatwood(P)2015/3/1Recovery from right elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Detroit Tigers
Daniel Norris(P)2015/8/20Right oblique strainon 15-day DL
Anibal Sanchez(P)2015/8/19Right rotator cuff inflammationon 15-day DL
Kyle Lobstein(P)2015/5/24Left shoulder sorenesson 60-day DL
Joe Nathan(P)2015/4/7Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Houston Astros
George Springer(RF)2015/7/2Fractured right wriston 15-day DL
Samuel Deduno(P)2015/5/14Lower back strainon 60-day DL
Brad Peacock(P)2015/4/15Left intercostal strainon 60-day DL
Kansas City Royals
Jason Vargas(P)2015/7/22Torn ligament, left elbowon 15-day DL
Alex Gordon(LF)2015/7/9Strained left groinon 15-day DL
Brian Flynn(P)2015/5/16Torn left latissimus dorsion 60-day DL
Tim Collins(P)2015/4/5Left elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Los Angeles Angels
Johnny Giavotella(2B)2015/8/21Personal medical conditionon 15-day DL
Taylor Featherston(3B)2015/8/16Uppen back strainon 15-day DL
Cory Rasmus(P)2015/8/14Right forearm strainon 15-day DL
C.J. Wilson(P)2015/7/29Left elbow inflammationon 60-day DL
Matt Joyce(LF)2015/7/27Concussionon 15-day DL
David Freese(3B)2015/7/23Fractured right index fingeron 15-day DL
Collin Cowgill(LF)2015/5/26Sprained right wriston 60-day DL
Tyler Skaggs(P)2015/3/27Recovery from left elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Los Angeles Dodgers
Howie Kendrick(2B)2015/8/10Strained left hamstringon 15-day DL
Joel Peralta(P)2015/8/10Right neck sprainon 15-day DL
Carlos Frias(P)2015/7/1Right lower back tightnesson 60-day DL
Brandon McCarthy(P)2015/4/26Torn UCL, right elbow - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Bronson Arroyo(P)2015/4/4Recovery from right elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Hyun-jin Ryu(P)2015/3/27Left shoulder surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Miami Marlins
Kendry Flores(P)2015/8/22Right shoulder tendinitison 15-day DL
David Phelps(P)2015/8/17Stress fracture, right forearmon 15-day DL
Jose Fernandez(P)2015/8/8Right biceps strainon 15-day DL
Jose Urena(P)2015/8/7Left knee contusionon 15-day DL
Carter Capps(P)2015/8/3Right elbow strainon 15-day DL
Giancarlo Stanton(RF)2015/6/27Left wrist hamate fractureon 15-day DL
Henderson Alvarez(P)2015/5/23Right shoulder surgery - out for seasonon 15-day DL
Don Kelly(3B)2015/4/13Fractured right ring fingeron 15-day DL
Aaron Crow(P)2015/3/29Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Milwaukee Brewers
Tyler Cravy(P)2015/8/19Right elbow impingementon 15-day DL
Michael Blazek(P)2015/8/13Fractured right handon 15-day DL
Minnesota Twins
J.R. Graham(P)2015/8/26Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Aaron Hicks(CF)2015/8/20Strained left hamstringon 15-day DL
Phil Hughes(P)2015/8/10Lower back inflammationon 15-day DL
Ryan Pressly(P)2015/7/5Right lat strainon 60-day DL
Ricky Nolasco(P)2015/6/1Right ankle impingementon 60-day DL
New York Mets
Jack Leathersich(P)2015/8/24Recovery from left elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Lucas Duda(1B)2015/8/22Lower back strainon 15-day DL
Bobby Parnell(P)2015/8/17Right shoulder tendinitison 15-day DL
Kirk Nieuwenhuis(LF)2015/8/2Pinched nerve in backon 15-day DL
Steven Matz(P)2015/7/6Partially torn left lat muscleon 15-day DL
Erik Goeddel(P)2015/6/12Strained right elbowon 60-day DL
Buddy Carlyle(P)2015/5/12Lower back strainon 60-day DL
Rafael Montero(P)2015/4/29Right rotator cuff inflammationon 60-day DL
Jerry Blevins(P)2015/4/20Fractured left forearmon 60-day DL
Josh Edgin(P)2015/4/3Left elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Cesar Puello(RF)2015/4/3Stress fracture in lower backon 60-day DL
Zack Wheeler(P)2015/3/27Torn ligament, right elbowon 60-day DL
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury(CF)2015/8/26Sore hipday-to-day
CC Sabathia(P)2015/8/24Right knee inflammationon 15-day DL
Dustin Ackley(LF)2015/8/4Right lumbar strainon 15-day DL
Diego Moreno(P)2015/8/2Right elbow inflammationon 60-day DL
Mason Williams(CF)2015/6/20Right shoulder inflammationon 60-day DL
Sergio Santos(P)2015/6/16Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Chase Whitley(P)2015/5/15Sprained right elbowon 60-day DL
Oakland Athletics
Kendall Graveman(P)2015/8/24Strained left obliqueon 15-day DL
Ike Davis(1B)2015/8/18Strained left hipon 60-day DL
Jesse Hahn(P)2015/7/6Right forearm strainon 15-day DL
Jarrod Parker(P)2015/4/4Recovery from right elbow surgeryon 60-day DL
Philadelphia Phillies
Maikel Franco(3B)2015/8/12Fractured left wriston 15-day DL
Matt Harrison(P)2015/7/31Lower back inflammationon 15-day DL
Chad Billingsley(P)2015/7/19Right flexor strainon 15-day DL
Mario Hollands(P)2015/3/27Strained flexor tendon, left forearmon 60-day DL
Jonathan Pettibone(P)2015/3/27Recovery from right shoulder surgeryon 60-day DL
Cliff Lee(P)2015/3/16Left forearm strainon 60-day DL
Pittsburgh Pirates
Francisco Cervelli(C)2015/8/26Footday-to-day
Travis Ishikawa(1B)2015/8/20Lower back strainon 15-day DL
Deolis Guerra(P)2015/8/7Right knee inflammationon 15-day DL
A.J. Burnett(P)2015/7/31Right elbow inflammationon 15-day DL
Rob Scahill(P)2015/6/26Right forearm tightnesson 15-day DL
Corey Hart(RF)2015/6/22Left shoulder impingementon 60-day DL
Andrew Lambo(RF)2015/5/4Plantar fasciitis, left footon 60-day DL
Brandon Cumpton(P)2015/3/27Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
San Diego Padres
Brandon Maurer(P)2015/8/10Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Marcos Mateo(P)2015/8/6Strained neckon 15-day DL
Wil Myers(CF)2015/6/14Bone spurs, left wriston 60-day DL
Brandon Morrow(P)2015/5/3Right shoulder inflammationon 60-day DL
Josh Johnson(P)2015/4/4Strained right elbowon 60-day DL
Cory Luebke(P)2015/4/4Strained left elbowon 60-day DL
San Francisco Giants
Gregor Blanco(CF)2015/8/26Left hip strainday-to-day
Brandon Crawford(SS)2015/8/26Obliqueday-to-day
Jeremy Affeldt(P)2015/8/24Sublexed left patella tendonon 15-day DL
Hunter Pence(RF)2015/8/18Left oblique strainon 15-day DL
Angel Pagan(CF)2015/8/10Right patella tendinitison 15-day DL
Joe Panik(2B)2015/8/3Lower back inflammationon 15-day DL
Tim Hudson(P)2015/7/27Right shoulder strainon 15-day DL
Tim Lincecum(P)2015/6/28Right forearm contusionon 15-day DL
Marco Scutaro(2B)2015/6/17Recovery from back surgeryon 60-day DL
Seattle Mariners
Joe Beimel(P)2015/8/20Left shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Charlie Furbush(P)2015/7/8Torn left rotator cuffon 15-day DL
James Paxton(P)2015/5/29Strained tendon in left middle fingeron 15-day DL
St. Louis Cardinals
Randal Grichuk(LF)2015/8/17Right elbow strainon 15-day DL
Matt Holliday(LF)2015/7/30Strained right quadricepson 15-day DL
Jon Jay(CF)2015/7/1Bone bruise, left wriston 15-day DL
Matt Belisle(P)2015/6/26Right elbow inflammationon 60-day DL
Matt Adams(1B)2015/5/27Strained right quadon 60-day DL
Jordan Walden(P)2015/4/30Right biceps inflammationon 60-day DL
Adam Wainwright(P)2015/4/26Torn left Achilles - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Tampa Bay Rays
Curt Casali(C)2015/8/26Strained left hamstringon 15-day DL
Grayson Garvin(P)2015/8/26Left back muscle tearon 60-day DL
Desmond Jennings(LF)2015/8/26Bruised left kneeon 15-day DL
Jake McGee(P)2015/8/19Torn meniscus, left kneeon 15-day DL
Steven Souza Jr.(RF)2015/8/2Fractured left handon 15-day DL
Jeff Beliveau(P)2015/4/16Torn left labrum - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Burch Smith(P)2015/4/8Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Alex Cobb(P)2015/3/27Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Texas Rangers
Josh Hamilton(LF)2015/8/16Left knee inflammationon 15-day DL
Robinson Chirinos(C)2015/7/31Left shoulder strainon 15-day DL
Carlos Corporan(C)2015/7/13Sprained left thumbon 15-day DL
Kyle Blanks(1B)2015/6/17Left and right Achilles tendinitison 60-day DL
Yu Darvish(P)2015/4/5Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Antoan Richardson(CF)2015/4/2Herniated disk in backon 60-day DL
Lisalverto Bonilla(P)2015/3/31Right elbow surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Nick Tepesch(P)2015/3/30Nerve inflammation, right armon 60-day DL
Jurickson Profar(2B)2015/2/24Right shoulder surgery - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Toronto Blue Jays
Devon Travis(2B)2015/7/29Left shoulder strainon 15-day DL
Michael Saunders(RF)2015/5/10Left knee inflammationon 60-day DL
Marcus Stroman(P)2015/4/5Torn ACL, left knee - out for seasonon 60-day DL
Maicer Izturis(2B)2015/3/27Right groin strainon 60-day DL
Washington Nationals
Denard Span(CF)2015/8/27Left hip inflammationon 15-day DL
Tyler Moore(LF)2015/8/19Left ankle sprainon 15-day DL
Dan Uggla(2B)2015/8/8Back spasmson 15-day DL
Aaron Barrett(P)2015/8/6Right elbow sprainon 60-day DL
David Carpenter(P)2015/7/12Right shoulder inflammationon 15-day DL
Reed Johnson(LF)2015/4/29Strained left calfon 60-day DL
Craig Stammen(P)2015/4/15Torn right flexor tendonon 60-day DL
Nate McLouth(LF)2015/3/27Right shoulder surgeryon 60-day DL

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