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Major League Basebal Stats

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AL - Batting Average

1Miguel Cabrera.338
2Xander Bogaerts.320
3Jose Altuve.313
4Michael Brantley.310
5Lorenzo Cain.307
6Prince Fielder.305
7Jason Kipnis.303
8Nelson Cruz.302
9Mike Trout.299
10Eric Hosmer.297
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AL - Earned Run Average

1David Price2.45
2Dallas Keuchel2.48
3Sonny Gray2.73
4Scott Kazmir3.10
5Marco Estrada3.13
6Chris Archer3.23
7Wei-Yin Chen3.34
8Jake Odorizzi3.35
9Jose Quintana3.36
10Chris Sale3.41
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AL - Home Runs

1Chris Davis47
2Nelson Cruz44
T3Josh Donaldson41
T3Mike Trout41
T5Jose Bautista40
T5Albert Pujols40
7Edwin Encarnacion39
8J.D. Martinez38
9David Ortiz37
10Manny Machado35
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AL - Runs Batted In

1Josh Donaldson123
2Chris Davis117
3Jose Bautista114
4Edwin Encarnacion111
5David Ortiz108
6Kendrys Morales106
7J.D. Martinez102
8Jose Abreu101
9Prince Fielder98
10Albert Pujols95
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AL - Save Percentage

1Andrew Miller.947
2Shawn Tolleson.946
3Koji Uehara.926
4Glen Perkins.914
5Zach Britton.900
6Cody Allen.895
7Huston Street.889
8Joakim Soria.885
9Brad Boxberger.872
10Roberto Osuna.870
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AL - Saves

1Brad Boxberger41
2Huston Street40
T3Zach Britton36
T3Andrew Miller36
5Shawn Tolleson35
T6Cody Allen34
T6David Robertson34
T8Greg Holland32
T8Glen Perkins32
10Luke Gregerson31
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AL - Wins

1Dallas Keuchel20
2Collin McHugh19
T3Felix Hernandez18
T3David Price18
5Colby Lewis17
T6Mark Buehrle15
T6Garrett Richards15
T8Carlos Carrasco14
T8Nathan Eovaldi14
T8Sonny Gray14
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NL - Batting Average

1Dee Gordon.333
2Bryce Harper.330
3Paul Goldschmidt.321
4Buster Posey.318
5A.J. Pollock.315
6Yunel Escobar.314
7Joey Votto.314
8David Peralta.312
9Ender Inciarte.303
10DJ LeMahieu.301
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NL - Earned Run Average

1Zack Greinke1.66
2Jake Arrieta1.77
3Clayton Kershaw2.13
4Jacob deGrom2.54
5Gerrit Cole2.60
6Matt Harvey2.71
7John Lackey2.77
8Max Scherzer2.79
9Madison Bumgarner2.93
10Carlos Martinez3.01
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NL - Home Runs

T1Nolan Arenado42
T1Bryce Harper42
3Carlos Gonzalez40
4Todd Frazier35
5Paul Goldschmidt33
6Anthony Rizzo31
7Joey Votto29
T8Matt Carpenter28
T8Adrian Gonzalez28
T10Pedro Alvarez27
Complete Chart...

NL - Runs Batted In

1Nolan Arenado130
2Paul Goldschmidt110
3Anthony Rizzo101
4Matt Kemp100
T5Kris Bryant99
T5Bryce Harper99
7Carlos Gonzalez97
8Andrew McCutchen96
9Buster Posey95
10Adrian Gonzalez90
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NL - Save Percentage

1Mark Melancon.962
2Francisco Rodriguez.950
3Kenley Jansen.947
4Trevor Rosenthal.941
5Brad Ziegler.938
T6Jason Grilli.923
T6Jonathan Papelbon.923
8Aroldis Chapman.917
9Craig Kimbrel.907
10Jeurys Familia.896
Complete Chart...

NL - Saves

1Mark Melancon51
2Trevor Rosenthal48
3Jeurys Familia43
4Craig Kimbrel39
T5Santiago Casilla38
T5Francisco Rodriguez38
7Kenley Jansen36
8Aroldis Chapman33
9A.J. Ramos32
T10Hector Rondon30
Complete Chart...

NL - Wins

1Jake Arrieta22
T2Gerrit Cole19
T2Zack Greinke19
4Madison Bumgarner18
5Michael Wacha17
6Clayton Kershaw16
T7Bartolo Colon14
T7Rubby De La Rosa14
T7Jacob deGrom14
T7Carlos Martinez14
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