Solving the NBA Lockout

Odds & News | A. Len ( Tue 25th, October 2011 )

We ignored the situation enough time, none paid enough attention but when the first two weeks of play were canceled

The situation concerned to everyone, now is kind of late, but it´s the moment to start thinking how to solve the NBA lockout.

Negotiations between the owners and the players are turning slow, and none of the parties´ involved aren´t budging their arm. The dialogs are getting longer, the year it´s a two months to end and we are not going to have a 2011 NBA season. The topic covers bottom lines and workers rights, but all in all, this is just another matter of money, to see who gets a bigger part of the cut. It´s the business part of the NBA that draws the attention, something to do with labor laws and nothing to do with the sport we want to enjoy.

But when the seasons and the games suffer the repercussions of the lockout and the lack of decisions and agreements, it´s when we really start to worry and ask ourselves; what will happen if we don´t get our quote of high quality basketball? On Monday, the truth about the importance of the lockout hit us like a bucket of cold water, we acknowledge the importance of these discussions and how it really matters for many of us. And some of us may even think that we also could lose 2012-13 seasons, after all we already have lost the off-season in pure negotiations talking with all this Law and Order stuff that has nothing to do with Basketball either.

Reading around the web, I found an interesting article by David Berri; it talks about how much indispensable is the need of owners for the players and the ¨cities¨ the teams represent. Berri presents a curious case on his article; It seems that since 2000, eight NBA teams representing a city started to play in new or renovated stadiums with cost of $2 billions or more, and at least $1.75 billion that came from the public funds and not from the owners; as it is suppose to be; after all they are the ones who should provide the capital.

So, if I understand, the cities could be the real ¨owners¨ of their representing teams and they will be managing the capital in place of 30 guys, just as has been noted in the case above. Cities would keep the money and earn the economic returns this same money generates while the players provide their labor and earn their money for their labor efforts. Seems like an interesting solution to this problem and also like a swift one.

Like many of these wonderful sport fans, we really wish this never happened and really hope this awful situation ends soon; the lockout has become a terminal disease, and is killing our NBA basketball world. So we should be more concerned about the decisions that could be made by the people involved in this debate.

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