Turning up the Heat

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It may was some kind of voodoo hex, or something like a fate curse

The truth is that celebrating the championship before gaining it was a dire taste of poetic justice for the Miami Heat on last season. After a long pause due to the lockout and the resurrection of the NBA, Miami seems to be ready to turning up the Heat once more!

Things didn't happen as it was supposed to be, and the Miami prides were tagged as the bad guys of the movie for being so egocentric and overconfident; and by the final games they seemed to enjoy their villain roles. I must confess that I was really happy with Dallas Maverick's victory and achievement of the title, I celebrated the effort of Nowitzki to maintain the Mavs players united and working as a whole team of comrades and not just a few "Big Stars" and a lot filling spots... as others teams seems to work lately. Dallas deserved victory... Yes! Miami needed a lesson of humility... Yes! But all that is in the past season, and opportunities to redeem are open for everyone.

You know, the Heat has the entire core of the past season, and taking off the blindfold of hate, we know this is a team of strength. At the beginning too many doubt the tri-fecta made by LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade weren't going to work at all. Having three stars in the same team could have brought diva-like troubles and lots of drama, but the truth is that their coordination and skills merged to become a nightmare for their opponents. Now you can expect this nightmare to become a real treat, since James, Bosh and Wade know how to play with each other better than the last season.

A year ago, the merging was just a simple process to become an effective basketball machine, this time not only the stars but the whole team works and know where the places they fit perfectly as the gears on a clock are. Miami is one of the favorites to win; their rooster is the same that won the eastern Conference championship, and this put them ahead over other teams that are dealing with rooster shake ups and stars seeking or looking for guys to contract, just like other cities dealing with all these distractions.

All these factors make of Miami Heats one of the favorite teams in Las Vegas and other sports related business. So, even if you don't like it; expect to see Miami Heat in the finals once more and possibly claiming the title that was rightfully denied on the last season.

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