Anthony Davis; the Biggest Challenge of All

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He made of the Kentucky Wildcats the champion of the March Madness, leading a team almost made up of underclassmen to lots of great victories

For Anthony Davis, taking down the challenge ahead could be something that may broke any other spirit; because the Kentucky hero now face the biggest challenge of all... the possibility of doing for the lowest ranked team in the NBA the same feats and efforts he made for his college team.

The No.1 pick could be claimed by the Charlotte Bobcats, the NBA team with the worst record this year. This 7-53 record could break down any aspiring prospect, however this is not the case with Davis, who is ready and up for the challenge. Being in the higher position in the draft, and being selected by the team that has been catalogued as one of the worst performs during the year season could be a huge disappointment, but not for Davis who takes this as another challenge to overcome. As the best player in the nation, he has the task to make a big and positive transformation on a team who picks him. He may be won't be able to do it alone, but he is the one who has to decide and make the first move.

The Charlotte Bobcats had passed by four coaches through eight seasons and had acquired a record of .500 just in one occasion in the 2009-10, and now they try to endure the worst season of their history. It is clear that these guys need a helping hand, and Davis may be their divine miracle. Why should the Cats look forward to get Davis on their lines? Well... it took just one season to show his mettle, and Davis average numbers were 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.7 blocks per game, also, he make it quite hard and complicated for the opposing teams during the NCAA season and is the most highly-touted prospect of the year. So if the "Cats" had the luck to be the draft top picks winners due to the fact that they have the worst record in the NBA, they should be aiming to add Davis to their roster.

Whatever the outcome, it takes at least three years for a No.1 pick to develop a higher skill potential to be a full NBA competitor. If picked by Charlotte, we can't expect that Davis will lift up the team in just one season. But even if he can't take the Bobcats to a .500 record during his rookie season, he will give something that has been missing and that the "Cats" need with desperate attention; to make fans return and care for the team again. During the NCAA campaign Davis dominated every court and every player he faced, so is not a surprise that the fans want to see if he could make it in the NBA too.

If Davis lands in Charlotte, he maybe won't take the team to contend for the title during his first years, but he definitely will rally Bobcats' fans and will make the franchise worthwhile again.

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