NBA Dream Playoffs Matchups

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After a hard time with a lockout, we deserve a quality time of entertaining basketball and thankfully that problem was solved with enough time and now we enjoy a refreshing 2012 season.

With the regulars about to end, and we start to figure which teams will be at the playoff's race in hard and highly competitive matches to take the Larry O'Brien trophy home. Even if our favorite team is taken out of the picture for this season, these are some NBA Dream Playoffs Matchups worth to see.

Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat have their feet already in the playoffs, and its one of the most expected matchups, but... Wouldn't be cool to witness other potential franchises battle for the O'Brien trophy?

Let's start with the obvious; Heat versus Thunder, it sounds like a title for a video game or some kind of movie. These two battled on April 5th and simply was one of the best games of the 2012 regulars matchups I've ever seen; now imagine them playing a match in what should be like activating the "hard mode difficulty level"; because that's the game level for the playoffs. This match is the top chocolate of the ice cream for almost every NBA fan. LeBron James versus Kevin Durant; gaining the title for Miami will take off for James part of the heavy burden he has been dragging since joining the Heat, while for Durant gaining the title for Oklahoma will crowning him as the "true" king of the NBA.

Miami Heat against New York Knicks is another expected matchup. Witnessing James against Carmelo it's something quite entertaining, a match of this kind promises a lot of action and can become one of the most epic battles between these two men and their franchises. The Heat has won against the Knicks on all their three contests, but as mentioned before, the playoffs have other kind of level cap, and since Mike Woodson took the baton to lead the Knicks, the team has improved in a positive manner and could be much more competitive in these matchups. I would like to see Jeremy Lin performance at the game level of the playoffs; but sadly he won't be playing the rest of the season due to the knee surgery.

Oklahoma City Thunder versus Dallas Mavericks; is something that may be old for some, especially for Thunder Fans. The last year champions has decreased their effectiveness lately this season and they have not offered a high challenge experience against the young and rising Oklahoma. The Thunder talents have been domineering over the Mavs during the current season, but this doesn't mean they are done. Dallas displayed a different game during the last season playoffs and ultimately claimed the trophy at the end, so it won't be a surprise if their game suddenly improves this time too. Watching these two battling for the trophy at this level could be great.

When two teams have to define who is superior and there is some hint of revenge behind, instantly makes any matchup worth it to see. San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies still have to "deal with some business that requires a conclusion" and that phrase has a "Must" ahead for many San Antonio fans. The Spurs still remember that unpleasant elimination during the first round last year at the hands of the Grizzlies; so if we have the fortune and they meet, this match may happen during the second round this year and definitely will be one of the most exciting games to watch.

This is one of my liking; the Miami Heat against Chicago Bulls. It is one of the most prominent matches expected for both teams fan-base, and if Derrick Rose is healthy and can make his appearance, even better; this surely would be a hell of a match! The Bulls have a nice rivalry and a score to settle with the Heats related to the conference finals last year. Maybe it's too hasty to tell they are going to repeat history and face each other once more; however, a side of what the other teams had in mind, many already believe it, and I do too; that a match among these two franchises could be expected by the final game and will be one of the greatest finals to watch ever!

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