Would One Man Made The Difference?

Odds & News | MK ( Thu 17th, May 2012 )

A game that started grim for the Indiana Pacers suddenly made an 180grades turn, and put them up over the fearsome Miami Heat

We can't disregard the efforts of the Pacers to win the game. These are the playoffs and they take their chances as any other good and contending team would have made; no mercy for the weak. It's easy to claim that the Heat simply lost because they were missing one of their key players; but that wasn't the case because it was clear that the ones who commit the errors were strong enough to hold the game and claim a victory; not an easy victory, but reachable. So, this result made some people thing; would one man made the difference?

With one of the Big Three out of the picture, the Heat may see their road to the conference finals a bit harsh, they now face the Pacers, and if even if they could be hard to the bone, the Heat still had the ways to beat them. If the Heat can overcome the Pacers challenge, then facing other stronger teams like the Celtics, Thunder or the Spurs will be quite a problem.

The Pacers strategy focuses on defense and rebounds; call it some kind of guerrilla tactic. Against a team like the Heat, which offensive is too powerful when is on their prime. Now think about one of the main cores of this offensive suddenly to be off of the picture, this hole in the core may have exposed a weakness that almost everyone has ignored or maybe no one though about it as something important. The Pacers strategy was solid but not enough to hold against the Heat machine, then the errors came at the right time; they just took it at the right moment.

We all know that Miami strategy is based around a team with these three key players and a few supporters to call upon. But is the Heat prepared in case one of their most important pieces suddenly gets down, what would they do if one of them is out? Now that we can take Chris Bosh as a living example and the results for Miami in game 2 against the Pacers wasn't good enough, we start to consider how important is the owner of the Heat jersey with the #1 on his back. Some people may believe that Chris Bosh hasn't a huge impact on the Big Three, and that James and Wade are enough to hold the team afloat. A night before game 2, articles talk about: "How will the Heat deal against the Pacers without Bosh?" a day after the articles says: "How will the Heat deal with the rest of the playoffs without Bosh?" I strongly believe that Bosh definitely is a necessary piece for the Heat offensive, and in game 2 he would made a huge difference; but I also believe that the Heat can deal with his absence.

James and Wade struggled at the most crucial moments, James had the chance to put the Heat ahead, but his shot was blocked by George, who was fouled 2 seconds later. Also he missed both free throws which kept Indiana's lead over Miami over 76-75. Wade also failed missing a jumper. The list of mistakes it's larger, and each of these errors gave advantages that were exploited at the maximum. Clearly the lack of Bosh was an Ace to exploit for the Pacers, this maybe will show the Heat to how work with the rest of their roster and what to do when one of their key players are absent. This time was Chris Bosh who was missed; the one was considered the black sheep of the Big Three; and the one that many so-called fans wanted traded; I can imagine the tragedy that may happen if the next time the missing player is James or Wade. I guess ts time for the Heat to figure it out if they want the championship this year.

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