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With the NBA playoffs advancing at a fast rhythm and watching some of the favorites fall down due to many reasons like missing players due to injures or high cost error that can't be corrected just to mention some.

Those who still in the fight make us think about those who still had the potential to make us dream about a spectacular 2012 NBA season final. The list is getting short, and only a few will have what it takes to survive the coming conference finals; I've picked my fantasy final match, hope you like it.

The San Antonio Spurs took down Los Angeles Clippers in four games flawless run. The Oklahoma Thunder bested Los Angeles Lakers after five games. Philadelphia 76ers struggle to take the lead over Boston Celtics; and the Miami Heat made an impressive rally against the Indiana Pacers on game 4. The playoffs are getting more interesting now with these results, and while the final result are not yet decided, we want a final that light up our hearts with blazing fire. Which teams could possibly be the most exciting to follow and make this dreamed final to really happen?

The Spurs now will face a young and daring Thunder ready to fight for their chance at the finals against the eastern champion, whichever team gets there; but first has to deal with a supercharged Spurs and claim the western title for themselves. Even with the good rush of the Spurs over the Clippers, I suspect that Oklahoma will prevail. Thunder need to be fast and it's something that can be accomplished thanks to their speed and quick reacts. Now that Kevin Durant doesn't have to deal with seven footer defensive barriers to get into the rim, his long arm drives and high steeping will cause more havoc than the one made against the Lakers.

I'm not saying that the Spurs will be an easy opponent, they have a coordinated team that possess discipline, championship experience and knows how work cooperatively to reach their goals, its not a team of one man or three; they work as a whole group and that worked last time for the last season champions Dallas Mavericks, who were against all odds. Now imagine the possibilities for a team who has favorable numbers on their stats. Whatever the result at the end, it will be worthy in every aspect, however I bend for Oklahoma.

At the Eastern side, I must mention that I firmly believe the Miami Heat will reach the conference finals; even with the lack of Chris Bosh support. Yes, the Heat it's like if they had a plane with three engines, but one of them suddenly shuts down. The plane may have a bit of turbulence; it may deviate from the original course, but it will recover and stay flying with the other two engines. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are tough enough to keep Miami in the air. Now that are tied with the Pacers, the Heat will enter in a different state of game, the challenge has begun because taking the lead won't be easy. Indiana has taken advantage of all the gaps left by Miami, and their play is aggressive, they have a strong offensive and a persistent defense; but I consider that the Heat strength will rise with each game they face from now.

Boston Celtic is leading the series against the Philadelphia 76ers, and it will be a though opponent to deal with if they reach the finals. They want to finish this part of the series as soon as possible knowing that whichever team comes next will be tougher and they should prepare for it. If the Heat manage to pass over the Pacers and the Celtics (which I consider the tougher opponent for the Heat to meet at the eastern conference finals); imagine a final showdown against the Thunder assuming that they can beat the Spurs.

Why Heat against Thunder? Well, since the formation of the Miami tri-fecta, they have been considered the villains of the NBA due to the fact that they want to win; with the best weapons they can afford. The Thunder has grown by itself and has found their place in the playoffs thanks to their efforts just like a rising hero. I am not by any means a Heat hater, and in fact I admire the talent of the players in their roster, same as their strength and determination. I recognize LeBron as one, if not as the best player of these times. I also got tired of hearing about the Heat as the villains when the truth is that they just want to win as any human of competitive nature, which means everyone on this planet.

I also believe that Oklahoma has taken a step forward against stronger teams since the beginning of the season; Kevin Durant has endured and led his team with natural talent and boldly efficiency, without losing his humble behavior even if he is a NBA super star.

I personally won't consider this match as a good versus evil encounter, but I believe that there is something magic about such a possible final game. It's more like a Youth against Old, Raw talent against Polished experience; something fresh for a NBA that rose from the ashes of a lockout. As mentioned above, just a fantasy final match; for which ever team who wins the championship this year, it will be a deserving victory, because it will be thanks to the sacrifice of their sweat and blood. May the best team win.

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