Don't Count Miami Out... Yet!

Odds & News | MK ( Wed 13th, June 2012 )

Oklahoma Thunder is ahead of Miami Heat by just one game and people start expecting that this is the end.

Ok, Thunder game was one of the best as we saw an amazing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook performance; both hungry for a fast victory and leading a team with lots of cooperative plays. However, people should learn not to take opposing teams so lightly, less the Miami Heat. It was clear that Miami didn't make their best effort at the end of the game, and the turning point was quite devastating. The Heat will improve, they did it before; and they will do it again, this was just game 1 not the end of the finals, don't count Miami out... Yet!

Remember Miami took the lead of the game earlier and hold an advantage of at least 10 points over OKC for the first two quarters and half. Then performance got low by their part against a team that was already making their best and trying to win at all cost, a team that won't surrender, not this team. OKC kept their finest game during the whole game and that proved to be their best asset. The Heat could have won game 1 with a bit of effort if they didn't stop their machine. Their counter attacks were slow by the third quarter as if they cannot run or were totally worn to make a fast strike.

Many errors cost their game, I don't think Oklahoma is an easy opponent to just play around for the first two quarters and then just leave the game flow as if victory was secured. Oklahoma is tough, as tough as the Boston Celtics, and even younger and maybe better, which means that they have many new tricks and advantages to take over them. They played to win, and Miami should play to win too, but was clear that they didn't care after the second half. Or was simply that they just burned everything they could? Clearly wasn't enough, not enough to content against the Thunder.

Game one was lost Miami, but this didn't mean it's the end for you or your fans. There are still some tricks you can use to win game 2, and still keep a fight against the Thunder powerhouse. First of all Dwyane Wade must stop struggling and start showing that he is one of the big three. 19 points is a good number for any other player, but not for D-Wade, he can bring bigger numbers to the score. Wade is as much a star as LeBron James, and he has showed us that before. He must play with James, not behind him; we have seen that both are lethal when they play coordinated. Defense has been something that the Heat just forgot to strengthen; Miami needs Chris Bosh, I don't know if his injures have been healed and if he is at 100%, but he is the key to counter OKC big guys. The Indiana Pacers were tough without Bosh, but the Heat was able to manage against them. The Boston Celtics were even harder, and clearly Bosh return made things a bit easier. Oklahoma Thunder will be a hell, so they must use all their strength to have a chance.

With a first lost, you may expect for the Heat to come firing all their guns, they are hungry for a championship as the Thunder; at least LeBron is and this time I really doubt that he will broke, James will put the best of him on these final games. Now he must pass this determination to his comrades to take the championship. It will be a hard road, but is quite possible; this time they won't leave the fight so easy.

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