Miami Heat and OKC Thunder Game 3 review.

Max Knight | Sports Max Knight ( Sun 17th, June 2012 )

Without playing a brilliant game, the Miami Heat wins game 3 leaving the series at 2-1 and two more games at home.

Looks like the Heat is within reach of the championship and if they can play the Remaining 2 games at home the way they played last night Miami may celebrating the championship very soon.

Miami Heat played game 3 like a team worthy of victorys... you could see the focus in their eyes, unbreakable focus from all members.

LeBron James was not crumbling under pressure even when Oklahoma City Thunder took the lead. James remained calm, collective totally focused and didn%u2019t even break a sweat, he played defiantly charging the rim like he owned the court, kept mistakes down to a minimum, not committing fouls and instead he reeled in Oklahoma City Thunder for better part of the game.

Making free throws count, as far as Dwayne Wade is concerned exceptional game last night and he gave Miami Heat fans their moneys worth through and through diligently scoring, assisting and rebounding with ferocity all game. Battier and Bosh providing support scoring.

The Miami Heat showed they really want to win this!! Had they performed at this level in the past the media would not have used Lebron James as a scapegoat for past mistakes during playoffs and finals after all he%u2019s only human unlike the media portrayal.

As for Oklahoma City Thunder whom did not play a bad game, they simply lacked experience and focus enough to produce a win against the Heat because this game they

They had a good start staying with the Heat who lead between 3 and 7 points most of the game. Oklahoma City Thunder even lead at one point by 10 points.

Last nights game maybe considered a low scoring game by NBA finals standards, the bottom line Oklahoma City Thunder had better win next game if they want to keep hope another loss to the heat would add psychological stress to an already tense situation. Another win by Miami puts the Thunder in Dire Straits of being swept.

Durant needs to diminish the personal fouls, Russel Westbrook needs to focus and become more of a team player, Harden needs to think his plays more thoroughly and Perkins needs to step up his game!

Max Knight

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