NBA Finals Game 4 Review

Odds & News | Max Knight ( Wed 20th, June 2012 )

Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder in the Finals Game 4 Miami.

Heat leads the series 2 to 1, the media has had a field day picking apart the key players on both teams of Course LeBron James under the usual scrutiny, Wade, Bosh now join him in the hot seat, as for Oklahoma City the pressure of being on the road, the temptation of Miami's nightlife and facing a roaring crowd every couple of days constantly bearing down on you must take their toll.

Miami Heat engaged Oklahoma City last night, the criticism ceased because Oklahoma City at one point in the first quarter was leading by 17 points all seemed to be going Oklahoma city's way they were in a zone, leading, flowing as a team and what looked like to be discarding the possibility of being swept, for now but as the 2nd quarter started Oklahoma City came to literally a screeching halt after leading by 17 points, 2nd quarter tables turned now Miami Heat quickly grinding Oklahoma City's lead down and that's when the pressure was elevated to a level unbeared, because Oklahoma's position is now trailing the series 3-1 increasing the possibility of being the winners and with no chance of playing last two games at home.

Miami Heat can taste, feel and living this Championship all the way this team leaves no doubt in the minds of heat fans that they are a team to be proud of! Miami Heat fans saw their team come back from a 17 point deficit, their games being carried off the court frog leg cramps, Dwayne Wade grimace in pain, but the Heat would not stop charging, the game ended with a decisive 3 pointer by James with a score of 98-104, Miami Heat wants to win and they are on a good path to Victory.

Russel Westbrook had an epic scoring night hitting 43 points, Durant scored 28 points and Harden scored a pitiful 8 points, Miami heat's top scorers were James 26 points, Wade scored 25 and Chalmers also 25 points.

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