The Ringless King, No More

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After nine years with a heavy weight on his back, the one who proclaimed himself as King found his crown at last after a hard season

The circle is now closed for Lebron James, who has won the first championship of what may be many more to come. There is no room for hate; the man has earned the respect of friends and foes, and the love of his fans; celebrate with cheers and praise, he is the ringless king, no more.

The 2011 season finals left a bitter taste for James and the Heat, after a long pause, the 2012 season begun; it was a hard road, and every rival was stronger than the one after, and none gave quarter to Miami Heat, but they were hungry and battled furiously to the finals. All those challenges were over with an impressive victory 121-106 over Oklahoma Thunder, a wonder team filled with energy, young talent, iron wills and the same hunger for a championship. The Heat lost the opening game at the finals round, but not only recovered their track on game 2; they paved the way for the next 3 games and won them in a row. There is credit for the whole team, but there is no doubt that it was James who took the reins and led them to the championship.

Since the start of the season, LeBron James took his role seriously and begun to reshape his style of game, his numbers begun to grow on the postseason in an impressive rate with 26 points, 13 assist and 11 rebounds. These were the slight signs of a new player and champion to become, in and out of the court. Game 5 of the finals was the culmination of all the efforts paid. James averaged 28.6points, 10.2 rebounds and 7.4 assist in more than 44 minutes per game over the course of the five-game series victory, making 51 of 108 field goal attempts (47.2%) and 38 of 46 free throws (82.6%). After posting a triple-double in Game 5 win -26 points (9-19 shooting), 13 assists, 11 rebounds, James was honored with the MVP trophy from the same hands of Bill Russell, the man after whom the trophy it is named.

James started Game 5 early with his killing performance, announcing to the OKC he was in for the kill. No struggles, no hate, just love for the game and hunger for the precious title, the trophy and the blessed ring that will state him as the great player he is, maybe as proof not only for him, but for those not able to appreciate his true talent.

Versatile, and able to cover any role on the court, his lock-down defense took Kevin Durant out of his comfort zone early in the game, preventing further damage from the small forward and telling to the Thunder that winning won't be an easy task. The King was backed up by his allies. Even those beyond the triangle of the big three were a huge difference in the victorious outcome. A three-point shooting collection provided by Mike Miller and Shane Battier made the result even sweeter and overwhelming.

But if you go back 22 games, you will see a man, taking the weight of a team over his shoulders and giving even more when it was more demanding, a man who covered every spot and every gap when Chris Bosh was injured and D-Wade struggle the most. He rallied his team with impressive performances against the strongest opponents in the times the team seem pinned against the wall. The Pacers were tough, Celtics were even tougher. The Thunder was a striking force during their road to the finals, outplaying a young wonder as Kevin Durant is not an easy feat either. None of these battles were easy and this only adds more merits to the man who played with his heart to achieve the higher honor in the NBA. Not taking count all of these accomplishments made by him would be unfair.

Maybe this victory and one ring won't be enough to suffocate the fires of hate, at least not for those who live by it. For them, the King must add at least 3 rings more to the collection, and the count will be growing because those who fed on hate need more reasons to hate and will be happy when the king gets dethroned. It it's an immature behavior to be like that, and contrary to their way of thinking, hate don't make you stronger. As the same James mentioned, he played with a lot of hate during the last season when everything fell apart. Overcoming the hate during the postseason made him a better player and better man; such attitude lead to great things and this has been proven once more. Hate it or love it, there should not be doubt now; that LeBron James is the most complete player in any face you put him to play and the best of the moment. Congrats to the Miami Heat! It's about damn time!

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