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2015 NBA Top 25 Playoff Field Goal Percentage Leaders

Stat List

Last update: May 4th, 2015 at 10:09 PM

1Marcin Gortat,WAS532:26346.8489.68116.2.708
2DeAndre Jordan,LAC835:44324.0465.89812.3.696
3Amir Johnson,TOR427:53205.0297.34611.5.690
4Tyson Chandler,DAL532:05193.8295.85110.2.655
5Courtney Lee,MEM633:57355.8569.39515.8.625
6Alan Anderson,BRK623:38254.2416.86611.0.610
7Dwight Howard,HOU633:42416.86811.310517.5.603
8Tim Duncan,SAN735:44537.69012.912517.9.589
9John Henson,MIL625:25244.0416.8538.8.585
10Patrick Patterson,TOR426:28153.8276.84110.3.556
11DeMarre Carroll,ATL735:31466.68311.912918.4.554
12Jared Sullinger,BOS420:04215.3389.54912.3.553
13Otto Porter,WAS532:21193.8357.0489.6.543
14Paul Pierce,WAS528:59265.2489.68116.2.542
15Anthony Davis,NOP442:564711.88721.812631.5.540
16Jarrett Jack,BRK625:32284.7549.07412.3.519
17Jae Crowder,BOS425:05153.8297.34310.8.517
Tyler Zeller,BOS422:25153.8297.3348.5.517
18Chris Paul,LAC739:16588.311316.115922.7.513
19Pau Gasol,CHI734:39476.79213.111917.0.511
20Jonas Valanciunas,TOR426:26194.8389.54511.3.500
21Brook Lopez,BRK638:56437.28714.511919.8.494
22Klay Thompson,GSW537:45448.89018.011823.6.489
23Boris Diaw,SAN728:17344.97110.18111.6.479
24Beno Udrih,MEM520:11224.4469.25410.8.478
25C.J. McCollum,POR533:13326.46713.48517.0.478

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