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Final 2014 NBA Top 25 Playoff Free Throws Percentage Leaders

Stat List

Last update: Jun 15th, 2014 at 09:42 PM

1J.J. Redick,LAC1327:01251.9262.017313.3.962
2Jeff Teague,ATL734:34385.4405.713519.3.950
3Lou Williams,ATL719:00152.1162.3588.3.938
4Ray Allen,MIA2026:22341.7371.91859.3.919
5Kyle Korver,ATL735:44111.6121.79413.4.917
6James Harden,HOU643:54457.5508.316126.8.900
7DeMar DeRozan,TOR740:187110.17911.316723.9.899
8D.J. Augustin,CHI528:11173.4193.86613.2.895
9Damian Lillard,POR1142:19595.4666.025222.9.894
10Carlos Boozer,CHI524:1181.691.8489.6.889
11Reggie Jackson,OKC1927:56392.1442.321011.1.886
Jamal Crawford,LAC1324:02393.0443.420215.5.886
12Russell Westbrook,OKC1938:411457.61648.650726.7.884
13Stephen Curry,GSW742:21375.3426.016123.0.881
14Kyle Lowry,TOR738:45436.1497.014821.1.878
15Monta Ellis,DAL735:36273.9314.414320.4.871
16Darren Collison,LAC1319:09393.0453.51108.5.867
17Manu Ginobili,SAN2325:29813.5944.133014.3.862
18Chris Douglas-Roberts,CHA417:26123.0143.5389.5.857
19Joe Johnson,BRK1239:05363.0433.625421.2.837
20Andray Blatche,BRK1214:20252.1302.5776.4.833
21Wesley Matthews,POR1138:44262.4322.916014.5.813
Jeremy Lin,HOU629:27132.2162.76811.3.813
22Kevin Durant,OKC1942:521326.91638.656329.6.810
23Dirk Nowitzki,DAL737:26253.6314.413419.1.806
24LeBron James,MIA2038:101296.51608.054827.4.806
25Paul Millsap,ATL738:09456.4568.013619.4.804

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