The 10 Most Notorious March Madness 2012

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March Madness 2012 is coming, the Super Bowl has ended and left behind and now is the time

For the expected college tournament to take over. Now that the regulars are getting to a close and the Selection Sunday is less than a month ahead. Soon we will be enjoying the finest college basketball teams struggling in a battle for the champion title over all the conferences. Only the best of the best are chosen to participate in this challenge, and we will take a look at the 10 most notorious teams fit to claim the champion's crown of this year's NCAA tournament.

1-Kentucky Wildcats, their record is 25-1 (11-0 conference), this may be the hottest team right now, and the one to beat. Their dominance over the SEC has shown us that they can deal with any high rank team of equal strength and take it down. If this tournament was a video game, Kentucky Wildcats will be the final boss.

2-Syracuse Orange is the number 1 of the Big East conference, their record is of 26 -1 (13-1 conference). One of the teams with the deepest roster in college basketball the Orange guys should be considered as one of the toughest teams to compete in the tournament, having lost just one of 27 games should tell us that they will be a hard opponent.

3-Making honor to the team name, and prowling the conference with a record of 23-2 (10-2 conference), the Missouri Tigers are the number 2 in the Big 12. They are known for their quick and surprising play style. When the tournament gets around the corner, no team would feel safe of the Tigers fast attack if they get into their draw. Not for nothing maybe they ought to change their motto to "the fastest 40 minutes of basketball".

4-Tied for the number 1 in the Big 12 conference, the Ohio State Buckeyes is a dangerous team; their record is of 21-4 (9-3). The Buckeyes may tripped over and got down of their home winning streak thanks to Michigan State, but a this fall won't be enough to hold them. Taking it lightly won't be wise, the Bucks are still a dangerous threat to consider, especially when they are cornered or wounded.

5-The Current number 1 in the Big 12 is the Kansas Jayhawks. The team is one of the promising contenders for this 2012 year, led by POTY Thomas Robinson and senior guard Tyshawn Taylor, the Jayhawks record is of 20-5 (11-2 conference). Kansas is a persistence team, their survival instinct come a float during a difficult game against Kansas State to emerge victorious, an effort that may repeat in the coming games.

6-One of the teams with the most notorious rivalries, the Duke Blue Devils stand tied for the number 1 in the ACC with XXXX team. Duke's record is of 20-5 (9-3 conference) and is one of the greatest college teams ever seen. The last year disappointing season for the Duke won't repeat this year; Austin River, Seth Curry and Tyler Thornton performance may lead the Duke to the favorable position and the title.

7- If asked what their profession is, Michigan State Spartans will answer "We are Basketball Players" followed by war cry. Spartans record is 20-5 (9-3 conference). The spirit of ancient warriors possess this team rooster so much, that surrender is out of discussion, they have overcome many battles to make their way to a ninth overall ranking in rebounds per game. The Spartans shock Ohio State and are the responsible of taking down Buckeye's winning streak, not an easy feat.

8-The menacing rival tied with the Duke for the number 1 in the ACC, North Carolina Tar Heels is one of those teams that used to be very dangerous. This team record stands for 21-4 (8-2 conference). I'm not taking any merits of the team, because they are still tough, and however others are playing better than them at the moment. North Carolina could turn the match easily at their favor if the opposing team gets careless.

9- With a 17-0 run and one of the best starts in school history, the Baylor Bears made clear that they are not a team that should be underestimated. However, Kansas and Missouri didn't think the same. Bears record is of 22-4 (9-4 conference) with the four losses being the work of Jayhawks and Tigers. This put in doubt if the Baylor guys were ready to play basketball in hard mode... well they proved it when bounced back against Iowa State.

10-Currently the number 4 in the Big East conference, Georgetown Hoyas have showed that they can play against the big boys of the College Division. Their improvements have reached that far, even when losing against Syracuse in overtime. Their record is of 19-5 (9-4 conference); it's their solid roster that makes this team worth seeing, surprises like Otto Porter has impressed a few analyst with his numbers; at least 8.8 points, seven and rebounds per game while playing only 29 minutes must tell something about the hidden skills of this team.

Maybe these are not the favorites of everyone, but their numbers are the ones that speak of the hard effort and competition that they will face when confronting each other at the court to claim the college basketball title. This is just one of the features that makes a March Madness so exciting, can't wait to see who will be the champion at the end.

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