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Talented college players aiming for the NBA drafts boards.

Pointing higher, some of the most talented players in the college basketball season will bring the best of their skills at the court to prove their worth. The NCAA Tournament is just a few weeks ahead and the time for new legends to born is at hand. The March Madness is about making dreams come true for those who bleed and sweat basketball. Some of these young players will shine more than others during the Madness, while others may fade.

We have noticed that some of these young stars have just begun to shine brighter with every day and game that passes and some shine more than others, while there is a long list of aspirants for the big basketball games, I'll just name some of the most prominent players that have caught the attention of almost every eye and ear on talent hunters and the media.

I'll start with Kentucky Wildcats Darius Miller; he is the only senior at the team by now, a versatile player and leader, he brings these qualities at the court on every game and these attributes will be a key for his performance in March decisive matches. Steady as a rock and calculating, Miller brings confidence; following his lead are his freshmen mates Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Miller has a 39% shooting score from the arc at 6'7%u201D high and a keen eye for three-pointer killer shots, resources that will help him in the Wildcats campaign and his future career.

Not so dominating yet, but highly skilled and physically superior, Andre Drummond shine for the Huskies. The process has been slow for him and the team, but this doesn't mean the young warrior is finished. Drummond has an average score of 10 points and 7.5 rebounds per game this season. Drummond knows that he is physically superior in comparison with other players that he has confronted. Defense is the place for Drummond to be; he has blocked 10 shots in the last games and has learned to control his game and not to jump on every block attempt, solving the foul trouble that haunted him during the early stages of the year. If UConn want to be in the big event, they will need of Drummond defensive skills. No doubt that he is a NBA draft prospect.

An average score of 17.8 points and 11.8 rebounds are part of his signature as the front runner for the NPY honors; Thomas Robinson isn't the premier forward just for nothing. Robinson is aggressive and plays the game as if he was programmed to play basket since his birth. His productivity during his sophomore year was doubled in almost every category. He may not repeat such feats again, but Kansas it's his home now, and he will put it on higher stands as a bright star. Robinson moves forward to the NBA drafts boards with each game, so this may be his final year in college.

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