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Boxing is a contact sport practice all around the world in which two people usually with similar weight fight

What is boxing?

Boxing is a contact sport practice all around the world in which two people usually with similar weight fight, each other with their fists (wearing gloves) until one of them is unable to keep fighting, the competition is carried out on a ring where a referee is designated for control the fight and be sure the fighters follow the rules of the sport and respect their opponent during the fight, and it's divide by segments of one to three minutes called rounds.

Ways to win a boxing fight:

There are four ways which you can win in a boxing fight:

1.The first one is called knockout or KO: this way is about when your opponent is down and is unable to get up before the referee counts ten seconds and the fight is over. 2.The second one is the technical knockout or TKO: in this case the referee takes a very special participation on the fight, because its the referee who decides if the opponent is able to keep fighting or is too injured and needs to end the fight. 3.Third is also a referees decision, when the referee disqualify a fighter for breaking the rules of the competition. 4.And the last one and maybe the most exiting is when there is no stoppage of the fight before all the rounds of the fight are over, so a group of judges are designed to choose a winner according with the performance on the ring.

Amateur and professional boxing:

We can find the amateur boxing in competitions like Olympic games, this kind of boxing is about scoring points, you score with any clean punch, this boxing has a special equipment; a headgear, gloves with a white zone, and a belt over the torso that indicates the lower limit of the punches, every clean punch above the belt is a point, but if you punch below the belt you will be disqualified.

In other case in professional boxing the fights are much longer between ten to twelve rounds, is not legal to use a headgear, so their are in more risk to receive more damage than a amateur competition, also they receive more punishment before a referee can stop a fight for a technical knockout, another difference is that in a professional competition the fighters most be bare chested.

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