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Sometimes, usually very often; the media make us forget that teams are conformed of a full rooster of players and not just one guy.

In my point of view, it happens mostly with the NBA than in other sports, but the NFL can't escape this phenomenon either and we use to think only in those players as the whole team because they usually scores mostly or perhaps, because they use to play in a more centric position. Because of this weird phenomenon, we usually forget those great players under the shadows.

Now that the playoffs are on its apogee, the sports news usually covers what the NFL stars were doing, even on their free time. But if we take a moment to leave these guys aside for a while we may focus on other great players who can make a huge difference in the coming games; players that don't appear in advertisements or in the rear of a cereal box, players who are not so familiar for your non-football friends and that may only appear on collective cards of $0.75 or less just to fill the album. These are five of those valuable players that could make the difference. This list is based on a bleacher report article.

Green Bay Packer counts among them a skillful player named Charlie Peprah. His notorious feats are five picks (147 return yards) and 95 tackles. This numbers may are not so impressive now, but they have to be in the mind of the Packers when the defense ask for some reinforcements against the Giants. If he gets his chance, Peprah may be a key interceptor against Eli Manning.

We have heard Denver Broncos Quarterback name for quite a bit thanks to the media assaulting him at every corner and ever watchful to see the moment he make a mistake to eat him alive. Behind this man, is Britton Colquitt; maybe he wouldn't be the man you will think first if you look for someone besides Tebow to put a face to represent the Broncos. After all, he is a punter and no one pay too much attention on them, unless they are set to make the kick. If the Broncos need to put a huge obstacle on Brady's magic, then they may require Britton strong kick skills to add some yards in Broncos' favor.

Aldon Smith has become a dangerous treat for opposing quarterbacks; his skill to take down big guys is a valuable asset on the San Francisco 49ers. Many have been the victims of Smith's rushing tackles. He recently stacked 14 sacks on his records; on Saturday game, if Smith can pass New Orleans defense and reach Drew Brees, there is no doubt that it will be as annoying as a fly in the soup, making thing more complicated for the Saints strategy by much, not only once but many times. Just check Aldon Smith tackles on Youtube and you'll see what I mean.

Now, in the New Orleans Saints side, we find Robert Meachem; he didn't make a huge impact on the regular season, though he pushed forward the Saints with four receptions and 111 yards and touchdown. He may be an Ace under the sleeve for the Saints. In any case Meachem couldn't make it on Saturday; they also have another secret weapon on Deverey Henderson, which ever of these two to fill the slot may cause a surprising chaos on the 49ers defensive lines. These are just a few of the more valuable players that lie in the shadows behind those stars who constantly bright, but made everything to pull their team to the higher places.

We may try to look further in the deeps of every team rooster to find more players who could make the difference.

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