Gaps the Giants Must Guard

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New York Giants the championship of the Super Bowl XLVI against New England Patriots if they lay down their guard

Even if Las Vegas put the Patriots as the favorites, the cappers can see that the Giants have many ways to win the Super Bowl XLVI. New York have a many advantages over the New England, but the Pats have hunger, and things can turn again the Giants if they get careless and allow enough mistakes for the No.12 to do his bidding. These are some of those possible gaps the Giants must guard.

It has been proven that those teams with the best defense usually wins the championships; but will the Giants defense will be the best? Clearly is better than the poor Patriots defense. New York is well known for their pass rush and definitely will be the biggest asset on their strategy. But the Pats offensive line is one of the most aggressive at the moment; if they blink for a moment and left open a window for Brady is quite possible a touchdown pass will be scored by the New England boys.

Linebackers must be always on the move and be able to do some blitzing on No.12. Michael Boley and Mathias Kiwanuka can't leave a spot open on the field for Brady to reach his favored receivers. Any pass that find their course to Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski (if he has recovered) will become a touchdown for sure. A 5 yards pass that get on Wes Welker hands on a running mood may become a piercing wound on the Giants armor. Boley and Kiwanuka have the talent, they where the lead tacklers during the week 9 Pats upset, so repeating the feat will give the Giants the edge.

We can't expect an spectacular run by the Giants, it may happen, but I don't think Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw will gave us breath taking runs; not in the 1st quarter at least. By the 4th it may be another story, trying to take down Jacobs or Bradshaw won't be an easy task, it's quite possible that we see them breaking some DT walls; and maybe with a bit of hope they will lighten up Manning's work.

Giants should take a careful approach with New England DT Vince Wilfork. Underestimating him may be a serious sin. He is like a bulldozer breaking walls and stones; if he can open a path on the Giants defense, his massive body could drive right through and take down Manning with little ease.

So Giants should play knowing that the Patriots hardly repeat their past mistakes. Playing overconfident and reckless surely will be the doom for any of these two teams who don%u2019t focus on the game as they should, the minimal error will be paid at a higher price. The Giants have one of the best defensive lines with a balanced offensive lead by a terrific quarterback. The Patriots manage a great offensive with an improving defense under the eye of one of the coldest and calculating quarterbacks on NFL history. This is a match of high standards, and the reason that makes it so exciting is because the Giants and the Patriots are the contenders on this epic battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

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