Patriots Crushed by Fatal Mistakes

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Fatal mistakes that cost the patriots their fourth Super Bowl Championship.

It was Giants game, that was almost a premonition since the first fluke committed by the Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, when he threw the ball to a place where there was no player to receive it just to escape a capture while being in the red zone, everything turned gray; after a good rallying move made by the team, they took the lead during the second and third, but at the fourth, the Patriots got crushed by fatal mistakes that made a difficult game even more harder.

The fire started when the Patriots granted the first 2 points with this error, these later will become a factor on the outcome of the game, and it also became the first of a chain of unfortunate events for New England. This was just another mistake that we know Brady won't repeat again, but the damage was already done. Punishing yards, 12 men on the field and hasty runs by the secondary made it even worst for New England. The Giants get ahead 9-0 with a 2-yards Touchdown two plays later. The Pats offense started slow, and kept that way until the end of the game. Middle quarters were good and it seems that the fourth would have been more promising; but that didn't happened.

The play that could have brought hope was the pass to Wes Welker. This was the play, the key play! Its amazing how in the moment that his team needs his skills the most, the ball slipped from his hands. Many people blame Welker for not catching a pass that he has receive many times, others blame Brady for making an overthrow pass because it went on the wrong shoulder of Welker. Whatever was the cause of this fluke, it's ugly when happens in the most crucial play for any team; this was the decisive move for the Patriots, and this error punish them very hard, I think is not the fault of just one player, when is a full team on the play; on the wise words of Welker teammate James Ihedigbo "You win and you lose as a team".

One of the things that caught more the attention, was the fact that Brady wasn't aiming to Gronkowski so much, the ankle injure apparently healed affected the TE as was expected by the Giants secondary, Gronk wasn't at 100%, and lose the ball in many occasions, so its clear that they simply decided to cover other dangerous threats like Aaron Hernandez and Welker with more intensity. Something a bit surprising was the brief apparition of WR Chad Ochocinco, I guess he could have made a big difference on the Pats offensive if the opportunity were given; but he just received a pass, made less than a couple of yards and that was all that we knew about him on what was left of the game. I'm no coach but I still don't understand why Belichick didn't use Ocho skills a bit more.

The Pats defense was kind better this time than in the previous season games, but not good enough to contain the Giants. It lacked more strength, the offensive of the Giants was very tough and dangerous, Cruz, Bradshaw Nicks dominated the field, and Jacobs broke the Pats wall many times. Eli Manning passes were impeccable; Vince Wilfork strength wasn't enough to hold these machines. With a few minutes left to finish the game, the Patriots were almost there until the Giants wanted Bradshaw to get the nearest possible to make a field goal at 1-yard, however he made it to the zone and scored the Touchdown that executed the Pats thanks to gap in the defense and a quick thinking of his part.

With just a few seconds to finish the game, The Pats made everything they could to save the game; the last pass of Brady could have been a miracle but too much pressure over the intended target Aaron Hernandez foiled the hope for a touchdown, even Gronkowski with his height couldn't save it. New York owned the championship; a happy ending for Manning and his Giants and a sad chapter for Brady and the Patriots.

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