Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears

Odds & News | Karol ( Sat 10th, November 2012 )

A few days from the big game, many expectations, a lot of desires from fans and players,

The teams getting prepare to give the best. But, what do we have? What do we need to know?

Putting the cards on the table, this game is a complete challenge for both teams, they´re 7-1, and are in the prime, it means that this game is absolutely the game of the year. It is worth to emphasize that Chicago Bears has the record in the NFC and the Houston Texas has it in the AFC, both of them have the top-five scoring offense and defense.

Let see the numbers. Texans has 29.6 point/game and 17.1 talking about the defense, while the Bears have 29.5 point/game and 15.0 in defense. They show us similar numbers, what make us to think who to pick. And let me refresh your mind about the last games of each teams with some numbers: Texas: 21-9 winner against the Bills, and Bears: 51-20 winner against the Titans. So, what to expect? It is getting harder to know what will happen between those non-traditional rivals!

Given a look to the odds and stats we can imagine who is going to be the favorite team. Having The Texans at N° 1 and the Bears at N° 6, we can guess that the scores will be in favor of the Bears. And an important detail which explain us why Texans has the record in the AFC and has good numbers is that it has a strong defense. But they are near of the Bears! Both of them are tested teams, has high profile wins and both lost against the third-older franchise in the NFL: Green Bay Packers. Odds and stats can change, is difficult to decide which team is better with those bigger similarities.

We also gave a look to the strategy thought by the Bears! They have 4 keys to the game. First, the offensive, the impact to J.J. Watts (Texans) must be reduced and they are going to protect Cutler. The Defense: The offense of Texas is based in deception and balance, so they have to conquering the deception. We are going to see many plays, they are going to turns the game, or at least that%u2019s what they said! And they can´t waste energy. The game could be named: ¨Where´s J.J. Watts?¨

We all already know what to expect from Bears, but what will Texans do? Could be a surprise! Even knowing that they have an extra motivation with the three new captains and one of those places is for J.J. Watt which is the captain on defense since last Wednesday.

Scores! Points! The Sunday Night´s game at Soldier Field is full of surprises, some people is betting to Bears and other to Texans, some others said that the Bears will win 21-17 or 24-21 and others said that Texas will win 17-14. Are expectations? We really don´t know what will happen at Soldier Field. Its an important game. They´re ready to give the best in this big game.

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