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Here we are again at last, the expected 2013 NFL playoffs. Its time to have a look at the bracket

And start getting some bold predictions for each round in the road to Super Bowl XLVII. Could the Pats make it again the run once more and finish the task that was left incomplete? Will the Houston Texas impose their last year experience to make the run to the final game happen? With no Giants and Eli manning to fear this year, the new strong opponent in the NFC are Robert Griffin III and his Washington Redskins. May Matt Ryan be able to lead the way to claim the title with the Atlanta Falcons? Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers made a good job spoiling their regular season. There are a lot of great games ahead to watch and not to be missed; lets finding out which team has the best chance to reach the Super Bowl XLVII. I´m going to begin with the Wild Cards.

AFC Wild Cards:

(No.6) Cincinnati Bengals at (No.3) Houston Texas

The Texans had their best chance on their hands and let it fly away on week 17; so they now will face the furious Bengals who actually had run an unstoppable streak of three victories. This game is a rematch of the last year AFC Wild card; thought the Bengals are a lot better team than the last time they face each other; they are armed with a stronger pass rush and run defense, allowing a better control of the grid. However, the Texans are not defenseless at all since they can easily match the Bengals defensive skills; also they are able to put some QB pressure to add some interesting results. None of these teams have a dominant factor over the other, which make it a very interesting and competitive match. The victory may come from the team that could generate the best ground game, and in this case I presume it will be at the Texans favor. Possible Result: Texans 24, Bengals 17.

(No.5) Indianapolis Colts at (No.4) Baltimore Ravens

Here is one factor that can make a major difference between the Colts and the Ravens and that is post season experience; however, this is something that cannot guarantee a clean victory for them. Their defense has been through many struggling issues during the 2012 season that could cost them the game when it really matters. Indianapolis on the contrary, has a solid offense that could easily move the ball too add some points. Andrew Luck has shown during the regular that he can be a leader in the most crucial moments and his confidence in the ground game has improved quite a lot. For the ravens to actually counter-balance the Colts must be explosive on the offense to actually produce satisfactory results, taking advantage of the only visible weakness of the Colts against the run and is not very skillful with forcing turnovers; something that definitely will be an ultimate decider. Ravens defense its superior than the Colts, in which provides the offense with more possessions. Experience may prevail here, so the possible results: Ravens 28, Colts 20

NFC Wild Cards:

(No.6) Minnesota Vikings at (No.3) Green Bay Packers

Here is the third contest, the duel between these two teams take us to Lambeau field once more with a question roaming in our heads; could the Packers of Aaron Rodgers be able to stop Adrian Peterson and the Vikings? Or the purple warriors of Minnesota will repeat the successful run of Week 17? For Packers fans this can be a little worrisome; they know better than any that the packer´s defense weren´t one of the most effective during the regulars this season. However, to light up a bit the worry, Minnesota passing offense isn´t great at all either and its considered one of the worst in the league right now; so we may see at least eight or nine defenders ready to stop Peterson. Since Green Bay has a balanced offense, they should try to play downfield to they can expand Minnesota´s´ secondary and make the runs. The Vikings aren´t totally dominant in the defense either, but the Packers will want to have the control over the ball most of the time to reduce any threats that Peterson could present. Possible Result: Packers 21, Vikings 17

(No.5) Seattle Seahawks at (No.4) Washington Redskins

This matchup is one of interest and simultaneously intriguing. Both teams have a different and fascinating approach for a dynamic and rush-oriented offense. The Seahawks had the Marshawn Lynch who is more traditional, while Russell Wilson has a more confusing style that can make the difference when needed. The Redskins can have a similar traditional approach with Alfred Morris, but Robert Griffin III explosiveness and mobility can transform any defense in a total mess. Add consistency to each quarterback, since they rarely make mistakes. At the defense, Seattle has the edge over Washington because they are much more better with their pass rush, coverage and controlling the scrimmage with ease. If the Seahawks play with enough discipline, they won´t fall for tricky plays. The Redskins on the other hand, are more susceptible to the pass and possibly won´t make enough quarterback pressure. The Seahawks offense probably will overwhelm the Redskins, and by the fourth quarter they probably will secure their winning with the defense. Possible Result: Seahawks 31 Redskins 21

AFC Divisional:

(No.3) Houston Texans at (No.2) New England Patriots

Here the odds are higher than week 14 meeting at the regulars. The same is for the Houston Texans concern when talking about the big games. They just let it go off their hands against the Green Bay Packers and New England in the prime time setups during the regular season. Their defeat against the Indianapolis Colts also hurt them a bye week. Should Patriots fans worry about this? I think not. Brady probably will rip to shreds Houston defense. Also, the return of Gronkowski just adds more danger to Brady´s arsenal. With New England controlling the timing, the Texans´ probably will be easily disabled by the Patriots underrated ground game. Even with Houston strong offensive balance, their just fades in comparison with that of New England. Possible Results: Patriots 28, Texans 17

(No.4) Baltimore Ravens at (No.1) Denver Broncos

The only thing that will change here is the place where these two teams will meet; all other factor probably will remain the same. In week 15, the Denver Broncos made clear who has the upper hand in this matchup with a 34-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens... in Baltimore home. Now armed with the same advantage at his side, Denver will gain total control of the game at the moment the fiddle announce the kickoff, just as the Broncos pass rush and rush defense trample over the Ravens. With Peyton Manning providing extra possession and Denver offense; even with the well known defense of the Ravens, they will require a lot more rhythm to stop the inevitable explosive offense of the Broncos stampede. Possible Results: Broncos 31, Ravens 14

(No.3) Green Bay Packers at (No.2) San Francisco 49ers

Here we have a favorable match for the San Francisco 49ers. This is mostly because of the big flaw of the Green Bay Packers being a one-dimensional offense. It may be true that the Packers has improved a lot on their ground attacks during the last regular season, but sadly for them, the 49ers defense is a lot much better. Since Green Bay attacks are usually pass-oriented, it´s probable that the Niners will play physical coverage; allowing them to put some pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Packers pass protection hasn´t been one of the best lately; Rodgers was sacked on 51 occasions during the regular season. This just adds more control of the line of scrimmage and punts to San Francisco. Against a ground offense with just few variations or none at all, the Niners will take down Green Bay defensive front, allowing at least 4.5 to 5 yards per carry. Probably Results: 49ers 21, Packers 17

(No.5) Seattle Seahawks at (No.1) Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons crawled into the postseason after losing at home in the season-finale against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seahawks is quite dangerous for the Falcons since they have a constant balanced offence. Marshawn Lynch can make the Falcons fill the box and won´t be alone at all in the process. As a moving quarterback, Russell Wilson ability to do messy plays out of nowhere, especially when they need it the most will make the match more complex for Atlanta. For Matt Ryan and the Falcons, the Seahawks defense could be a hard barrier just like the wall they faced on week 2 against Denver. The Falcons should rely on their pass rush and great cover corners, if they want to run the ball in an effectively way. Against the Seahawks rush and overwhelming defense, The Falcons will be flying home earlier. Possible Results: Seahawks 26, Falcons 14

AFC Championship:

(No.2) New England Patriots at (No.1) Denver Broncos

This will be a rematch of regular season Week 5. In that occasion, Tom Brady and Co. reclaimed the victory over Peyton Manning Denver Broncos. Now they are dated to square off again this coming January. The Patriots was one of the very few teams to defeat the Broncos in a game were the turnovers, with New England only giving it up once, and Denver losing three fumbles, however since that date, Denver has improved their way to cut down the turnovers. The Patriots are better making TO´s, but sacrifice too many yards and lack a strong pass rush. The Broncos are used to control the field and make some blitzing. This matchup is quite difficult to predict, especially when two of the elite quarterback duel. The team which brings more pressure on the signal callers will be the winning team.

NFC Championship:

(No.5) Seattle Seahawks at (No.2) San Francisco 49ers

Ok, with the entire arsenal at the Seahawks disposition, everything points to be the most prominent team to take the victory here, especially since they crushed the Niners on week 16 after a big win on the road against the Patriots. Getting into the NFC championship game, Jim Harbaugh´s and Co. will be more than anxious to deliver some payback for that loss and the last season conference title. The most dangerous man for the Niners with no doubt is Russell Wilson, who knows how to outplay all the Niners newbies on the field. These two teams are like mirror twins; solid running game, good at the passing attack and solid defense. Both teams know each other and the only difference here is Aldon Smith as a real threat. A daring Possible Result: 49ers 21, Seahawks 16

About the Super Bowl XLVII, I´ll rather leave it to your imagination. Happy Football!

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