Manning-Welker a Deadly Combination

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When I heard Peyton Manning was heading to Denver, everybody knew that with Manning at their lead the Broncos

Would become a contender team. But when Wes Welker joined them, thing become from being a threat to an extremely dangerous opponent; almost like input some invincibility cheat code on a Madden video game. The combination Manning-Welker promised great things to come during the preseason; but on kickoff night, it just became insane. Seven, the perfect number, Manning threw seven touchdowns without interceptions in a single game, something not seen since 1969 when Joe Kapp Minnesota Vikings completely destroyed to Indianapolis Colts 52-14./p>

Sometimes Manning arm seemed to be failing, it seems weaker. The throws weren't as strong as expected, the footballs fluttered; and suddenly he became a cannon, his accuracy was that of a sniper assassin rifle, hitting the target with speed and killing precision. It was something that only had happened a few times before; Peyton Manning outranking Peyton Manning. He has joined the ranks of a very rare list with quarterbacks who had thrown seven touchdowns at any time in history, matching Y.A Tittle, George Blanda and Adrian Burk.

He was not playing a relative weaker team; it was the last Super Bowl champion team and finished with 27-of-42 for 462 yard and a 141.1 QB rating. He made it look as easy as turning on the radio or the TV. Just a few Quarterbacks are capable of making it look so simple; Montana, Unitas, Marino, and Brady just to mention a few of those who made the quarterback position look like children%u2019s play. However, none of them had reached what manning did.

Manning currently has enough weapons to create havoc inside the grid. Proven on kickoff night, with Demaryius Thomas and Julius Tomas, but when he connected with his new most prized addition Wes Welker. The ex-Pat plays right into Manning web of open opportunities where the receiver barely had to turn his head or hands to catch his passes. As seen during the game, the combination was overwhelming; Manning delivered and Welker made the rest, scoring two touchdown passes. Welker has become one of the most valuable weapons among Manning targets. It's safe to say that many of his targets had brilliant careers thanks to him, but now he has being paired with one of the best receivers on NFL. How good this can be? Let's just say that the Ravens, the champions of the last Super Bowl simply kneel and gave up the most points in their whole franchise history.

It's ok to think that this has been just the first game of the season; maybe even to say that it won't happen again, that would be insane. But after seeing him play, you can go insane and say, yes he can do it again, it can happen and it's possible. See you at the Super Bowl XLVIII!

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