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NFL Quarterback Touchdowns

Stat List

Last update: Sep 16th, 2014 at 01:54 AM

2014 AFC Quarterback Touchdowns Leaders

1Peyton Manning, DEN624369.45118.24480.0215126.59.76
2Andrew Luck, IND875563.25426.234133.431685.55.75
3Philip Rivers, SDC734967.15227.153411.418100.45.54
4Ryan Fitzpatrick, HOU412868.33458.41760.000118.47.33
Joe Flacco, BAL915661.55115.628011.131683.23.33
Chad Henne, JAC713853.54596.466311.4139481.84.23
Ryan Tannehill, MIA814960.54195.172422.554076.13.73
Jake Locker, TEN674059.75007.466123.062585.44.53
Derek Carr, OAK744763.54145.594222.721880.64.13
10E.J. Manuel, BUF483266.73757.813212.11695.44.22
Geno Smith, NYJ603965.03976.622923.333881.03.32
Brian Hoyer, CLE714360.64346.11470.042687.42.82
Andy Dalton, CIN614065.65539.07770.000105.43.32
Tom Brady, NEP784456.43985.10440.053078.92.62
15Alex Smith, KAN774558.44575.942733.963263.61.31
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT714563.45828.204122.852982.01.41

2014 NFC Quarterback Touchdowns Leaders

1Matt Ryan, ATL1117668.59658.695432.7428105.16.37
2Jay Cutler, CHI835768.75256.334422.431499.77.26
3Aaron Rodgers, GBP754864.05357.138011.375097.45.34
Russell Wilson, SEA533667.93937.42330.0322114.77.54
5Matt Cassel, MIN613659.03726.102646.663965.74.93
Eli Manning, NYG724461.14406.112945.643669.24.23
Drew Brees, NOS825668.35706.955722.421490.03.73
Matthew Stafford, DET804961.36377.966711.354393.63.83
Colin Kaepernick, SFX573764.94497.883735.352584.65.33
Nick Foles, PHI824858.56537.966822.454786.13.73
11Josh McCown, TAM684363.24206.183645.953365.82.92
Carson Palmer, ARI372464.93048.22630.0210108.45.42
Tony Romo, DAL664263.64576.925634.575475.13.02
Derek Anderson, CAR342470.62306.76260.019108.75.92
Kirk Cousins, WAS332266.72507.58310.0221109.46.12
16Mike Glennon, TAM241770.81215.04140.021896.04.21

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