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NFL Receptions

Stat List

Last update: Oct 27th, 2014 at 01:42 AM

2014 AFC Receptions Leaders

1Antonio Brown, PIT85214.247760
2T.Y. Hilton, IND86616.349253
3Emmanuel Sanders, DEN63413.548447
Demaryius Thomas, DEN76716.386647
5Andre Johnson, HOU55112.026146
6Julian Edelman, NEP46710.444145
7Keenan Allen, SDC4279.924143
8Le'Veon Bell, PIT3959.443142
9Steve Smith Sr, BAL67516.580441
10Rob Gronkowski, NEP55813.946740
11Allen Robinson, JAC45311.654239
12Sammy Watkins, BUF59015.584538
Reggie Wayne, IND43411.428138
14James Jones, OAK42511.842336
Andrew Hawkins, CLE47013.165136
DeAndre Hopkins, HOU56915.876336

2014 NFC Receptions Leaders

1Matt Forte, CHI4908.456358
2Golden Tate, DET80014.573355
3Julio Jones, ATL73413.840353
4Jordy Nelson, GBP73714.780650
5Dez Bryant, DAL62012.968548
6Martellus Bennett, CHI51711.034547
7Jimmy Graham, NOS51811.327546
8Greg Olsen, CAR53912.037545
9Brandin Cooks, NOS4109.550243
10Randall Cobb, GBP57814.470940
Kelvin Benjamin, CAR58914.751540
12Pierre Garcon, WAS44311.470339
Jeremy Maclin, PHI63216.268639
Anquan Boldin, SFX44711.537139
15Alshon Jeffery, CHI56314.874338
16Brandon Marshall, CHI38411.347534

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