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NFL Receptions

Stat List

Last update: Dec 29th, 2014 at 02:28 AM

Final 2014 AFC Receptions Leaders

1Antonio Brown, PIT169813.26313129
2Demaryius Thomas, DEN161914.68611111
3Emmanuel Sanders, DEN140413.9489101
4Julian Edelman, NEP97210.669492
5Andre Johnson, HOU93611.035385
6Jarvis Landry, MIA7589.025584
7Le'Veon Bell, PIT85410.348383
8Rob Gronkowski, NEP112413.7461282
T.Y. Hilton, IND134516.473782
10Steve Smith Sr, BAL106513.580679
11Keenan Allen, SDC78310.235477
12DeAndre Hopkins, HOU121015.976676
13Brandon LaFell, NEP95312.956774
Eric Decker, NYJ96213.074574
15James Jones, OAK6669.142673
16A.J. Green, CIN104115.181669

Final 2014 NFC Receptions Leaders

1Julio Jones, ATL159315.3796104
2Matt Forte, CHI8087.9564102
3Golden Tate, DET133113.473499
4Jordy Nelson, GBP151915.5801398
5Randall Cobb, GBP128714.1701291
Odell Beckham Jr., NYG130514.3801291
7Martellus Bennett, CHI91610.237690
8Dez Bryant, DAL132015.0681688
9Alshon Jeffery, CHI113313.3741085
Jeremy Maclin, PHI131815.5721085
Jimmy Graham, NOS88910.5291085
12Greg Olsen, CAR100812.038684
13Anquan Boldin, SFX106212.876583
14Roddy White, ATL92111.539780
15Kelvin Benjamin, CAR100813.851973
16Calvin Johnson, DET107715.267871

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