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$150,000 Staal Foundation Open Leaderboard

Last update: July 20, 2014, at 07:26 PM ET

Event Information

  • Club: Whitewater Golf Club
  • Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Par/Yards: Par 72 - 7,293 Yards
  • Round: Sunday's fourth round - (Complete)
Event Leaders
PosPlayerMoney Won1234TodayScoreHoleStrokes
1Wes Homan27,00067656871-1-17F271
2Greg Eason16,20067657070-2-16F272
3Jeff Corr10,20066726769-3-14F274
4Daniel Miernicki7,20070697068-4-11F277
T5Joel Dahmen5,70068697269-3-10F278
T5John Catlin5,70072716768-4-10F278
T7Joshua Stone4,51865707470-2-9F279
T7Ted Brown4,51870677270-2-9F279
T7Cory Renfrew4,51871706771-1-9F279
T7Andrew Evans4,51870686972E-9F279
T11Josh Persons3,30070687270-2-8F280
T11Ryan Brehm3,30068697271-1-8F280
T11Ryan Yip3,30069707170-2-8F280
T11Andrew Georgiou3,30072707068-4-8F280
T15Tyler Brown2,47570727069-3-7F281
T15Dan Buchner2,47568757068-4-7F281
T15Robert S. Karlsson2,47569697469-3-7F281
T15Randall Hutchison2,47570697270-2-7F281
T19Will Strickler1,59070726971-1-6F282
T19Garrett Sapp1,59069707271-1-6F282
T19Clark Klaasen1,59071687370-2-6F282
T19Brady Schnell1,59068717469-3-6F282
T19Eugene Wong1,59069746970-2-6F282
T19Abraham Ancer1,59072717069-3-6F282
T19Hunter Hamrick1,59071717268-4-6F282
T19Sean Shahi1,59066737469-3-6F282
T19Matthew Smith1,59069726675+3-6F282
T28Timothy Madigan1,00265717473+1-5F283
T28Blake Snyder1,00271657869-3-5F283
T28Michael Buttacavoli1,00269727072E-5F283
T28Jordan Krantz1,00272687271-1-5F283
T28Julian Etulain1,00269727369-3-5F283
T28Sam Ryder1,00269727072E-5F283
T28Michael Gligic1,00269726874+2-5F283
T35JJ Spaun82568717570-2-4F284
T35Max Gilbert82568747171-1-4F284
T35Nelson Ledesma82571707469-3-4F284
T35Kelvin Day82571717171-1-4F284
T35Chris Hemmerich (a)68737271-1-4F284
40Brock Mackenzie75069747370-2-2F286
T41Tomas Cocha70567757174+2-1F287
T41Alexis Anghert70572717272E-1F287
T43Ricky McDonald61871727570-2EF288
T43David Bradshaw61872717075+3EF288
T43Alex Kang61871707473+1EF288
T43Devin Carrey61871727372EEF288
T47Chris Ross54969737473+1+1F289
T47Paul Woodbury54977667571-1+1F289
T47Chris Killmer54971707474+2+1F289
T47Bo Hoag54972707473+1+1F289
51Drew Stoltz52572717473+1+2F290
T52Bryan Bergna50672687675+3+3F291
T52Jeff Dennis50667747773+1+3F291
T52Wills H. Smith50670717377+5+3F291
T52Armando Zarlenga50671698071-1+3F291
56Emilio Dominguez48771717773+1+4F292
57William Kropp48071688173+1+5F293
58Mauricio Azcue47372717873+1+6F294
59Adam Long46567757875+3+7F295
T60David Byrne45369747678+6+9F297
T60Brent Long45373707777+5+9F297
62Evan Harmeling44273707679+7+10F298


Wes Homan birdied the final hole to defeat Greg Eason by one shot at the Staal Foundation Open. Eason also made birdie on No. 18 to put the pressure on Homan. The win is Homan`s first on the PGA Tour Canada.

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