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$150,000 Tour Championship of Canada Leaderboard

Last update: September 15, 2013, at 06:53 PM ET

Event Information

  • Club: Sunningdale Golf amp; Country Club (Championship Course)
  • Location: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Par/Yards: Par 72 - 7,031 Yards
  • Round: Sunday's fourth round - (Complete)
Event Leaders
PosPlayerMoney Won1234TodayScoreHoleStrokes
1Max Gilbert27,00069676666-6-20F268
2Trevor Murphy16,20066666968-4-19F269
T3Eugene Wong8,70070667167-5-14F274
T3Jose Toledo8,70071677066-6-14F274
T5Nathan Tyler5,70071706668-4-13F275
T5Alex Kang5,70071646773+1-13F275
T7Brady Schnell4,70769667269-3-12F276
T7Brock Mackenzie4,70769686772E-12F276
T7Mark Hubbard4,70769676872E-12F276
T10Lucas Lee3,45073666871-1-10F278
T10JJ Spaun3,45070696970-2-10F278
T10Josh Habig3,45069726770-2-10F278
T10Brandon Harkins3,45072707066-6-10F278
T10James Allenby3,45072716570-2-10F278
T15Kyle Kallan2,62574686770-2-9F279
T15Darren Wallace2,62569736770-2-9F279
T17Stuart Anderson1,96673696771-1-8F280
T17Micah Burke1,96670697368-4-8F280
T17Devin Carrey1,96673687069-3-8F280
T17Albin Choi1,96669737068-4-8F280
T17Chris Epperson1,96673667071-1-8F280
T17Jorge Fernandez Valdes1,96672707167-5-8F280
T17Tony Finau1,96669687172E-8F280
T24George Bradford1,33468707568-4-7F281
T24Riley Wheeldon1,33472706772E-7F281
T24Brian Unk1,33474677169-3-7F281
T24Sebastian Szirmak1,33470707071-1-7F281
T24Michael McCabe1,33471727167-5-7F281
T29David Markle1,05474677071-1-6F282
T29Nick Taylor1,05469707271-1-6F282
T29Kyle Stough1,05468717667-5-6F282
T29Josh Anderson1,05468717271-1-6F282
T33Johnny DelPrete90068757268-4-5F283
T33Andrew Parr90069697570-2-5F283
T33Stephen Gangluff90073697467-5-5F283
T36Michael Gligic82070697570-2-4F284
T36Alan McLean82073677470-2-4F284
T36Chris Killmer82071726873+1-4F284
T36Will Strickler82070736972E-4F284
T40Josh Persons76574677371-1-3F285
T40Wes Heffernan76574667273+1-3F285
T40Trey Denton76568717373+1-3F285
T43Joel Dahmen71270707472E-2F286
T43Rafael Campos71271707570-2-2F286
T43Conrad Shindler71269747766-6-2F286
T43Andrew Vijarro71269727273+1-2F286
T47Kevin Tucker65472697571-1-1F287
T47Mike Grob65469717374+2-1F287
T47Andrew Georgiou65469717572E-1F287
T47Greg Doherty65476677371-1-1F287
51Darren Griff62972717273+1EF288
T52Brady Stockton61969717376+4+1F289
T52Kent Eger61970737571-1+1F289
54Clark MacPherson60771707673+1+2F290
55Tyler Aldridge60071717475+3+3F291
56Roger Furrer59271717674+2+4F292


Max Gilbert secured his first PGA Tour Canada win.

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