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Puzzling Odds for the British Open

Odds & News | AL ( Wed 18th, July 2012 )

Wanting to try your luck at the PGA Tour at the British Open 2012?

If you are eager to say yes, then better to consider your options. There are many reasons that should make you proceed with more care. First the British Open is one of the most unpredictable majors in the tour mostly because of the UK strange weather that could turn everyone expectative in a matter of minutes; say sudden gust of wind that can make golf balls do weird things as if they were haunted and that bloody rain appears from nowhere and slow the game proceedings; definitely a whole adventure course. Second, in the past 15 years, the British open has had 15 different winners.

Third this year dominance comes from the other side of the pool; all champions from Europe have become dangerously competitive and they want to keep it that way. Probably you are waiting for Tiger Woods to rescue you; well that's quite possible, however his competitors are equally fierce and talented, something that could be advantageous if analyzed with care if you are part of a group of those brave enough who always like to risk and look for a good challenge. For those dare devils I'll show you these puzzling odds for the British Open. Warning, these odds aren't guarantee, only small glimpses of unpredictable outcomes, so proceed with care at your own discretion.

Playing on his own country may give Lee Westwood (14-1) a little hype to claim a major for the first time. Lee is a man who has an outstanding career since 1996, he is a three times Player of the Year and now is ranked #3 oddly he is a former #1 who never have won a major, but he may have his chance on this occasion mostly due to the parity presented at this tournament; his steady striking ability could give everyone a surprise. In a contest with unpredictable outcomes I believe he is one of the strongest favorites for those who like to risk their money in a dark horse.

Another native of UK, is Luke Donald (14-1), sharing a situation very similar as Lee Westwood, Donald has many titles on his career, like the 5 PGA tour wins and seven European Tour prizes, but he haven't won a major tournament yet. This may be the year to break that barrier at last. What makes Donald stay ahead of Westwood is his current ranking as the top player of the world. Choosing Donald as the candidate to win his first major on this year's Open Championship could be a good move. With every day his skills get better and soon will be his time to shine, and British Open 2012 could be the spark.

Tiger Woods (8-1) is always a good choice if you are not sure to who risk your money for a good outcome. It's true that he has been struggling in the past two years and with lots of reasons. But the tiger is getting his strength slowly and recovering his rhythm faster. Three tournaments won this year show us that he still has sharp claws, and his new swing has proven to be very effective. This season majors have eluded him, but he is too far from being finished. For Woods you will find good odds anywhere and is one of the safer bets.

For an unpredictable tournament an unpredictable golfer; last year Open Championship Phil Mickelson (33-1) tied for second place. His open mind and daredevil style of play can make him a real threat with all those puzzling odds. Mickelson finished third at the Masters this year and also won a tournament; even if his form has not been the best this season, Lefty always could bring a good opportunity to get some extra cash, so you may take your chances with him.

Ok, two Open Championships (2007-2008) on his curriculum put Padraig Harrington (20-1) as one of the favorites. You will find good odds for Harrington wherever you look. With someone who has those records in this same field, is normal to assume that he could win it one more time. But remember this year there is much equality to bet against a man who has won this tournament before. Harrington is just like Woods, he is one of the safest picks to choose in you are not so daring.

Good luck and Good Game!

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