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$1,208,400 ISPS HANDA Perth International Leaderboard

Last update: October 23, 2014, at 05:59 AM ET

Event Information

  • Club: Lake Karrinyup Country Club
  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Par/Yards: Par 72 - 7,143 Yards
  • Round: Thursday's first round - (Complete)
Event Leaders
T1Thorbjorn Olesen64-8-8F64
T1John Wade64-8-8F64
T3Peter Whiteford66-6-6F66
T3Tom Lewis66-6-6F66
T3Michael Sim66-6-6F66
T3Sihwan Kim66-6-6F66
T7Matthew Griffin67-5-5F67
T7Brett Rumford67-5-5F67
T7Julien Quesne67-5-5F67
T7Jason Scrivener67-5-5F67
T7Mark Foster67-5-5F67
T7David Drysdale67-5-5F67
T7Magnus A. Carlsson67-5-5F67
T14Anthony Brown68-4-4F68
T14Richard Bland68-4-4F68
T14Ricardo Gonzalez68-4-4F68
T14Richard Green68-4-4F68
T14Charl Schwartzel68-4-4F68
T14Marcus Fraser68-4-4F68
T14Clint Rice68-4-4F68
T14Stephen Dartnall68-4-4F68
T14Jake Higginbottom68-4-4F68
T14Daan Huizing68-4-4F68
T14Oliver Goss68-4-4F68
T25Brody Ninyette69-3-3F69
T25Scott Jamieson69-3-3F69
T25John Parry69-3-3F69
T25Josh Younger69-3-3F69
T25Ryan Fox69-3-3F69
T25Gregory Bourdy69-3-3F69
T25Soren Kjeldsen69-3-3F69
T25David Bransdon69-3-3F69
T25Michael Long69-3-3F69
T25James Nitties69-3-3F69
T25Jack Doherty69-3-3F69
T25Peter Uihlein69-3-3F69
T25Gary Stal69-3-3F69
T38Paul Spargo70-2-2F70
T38Greg Chalmers70-2-2F70
T38Edoardo Molinari70-2-2F70
T38David McKenzie70-2-2F70
T38Damien McGrane70-2-2F70
T38Mahal Pearce70-2-2F70
T38Matthew Nixon70-2-2F70
T38Ricardo Santos70-2-2F70
T38Jamie McLeary70-2-2F70
T38Jason Dufner70-2-2F70
T38Raphael Jacquelin70-2-2F70
T38Anthony Wall70-2-2F70
T38Chris Campbell70-2-2F70
T38Rhein Gibson70-2-2F70
T38Adrian Otaegui70-2-2F70
T53Ben Campbell71-1-1F71
T53Daniel Nisbet71-1-1F71
T53Lucas Bjerregaard71-1-1F71
T53Max McCardle71-1-1F71
T53Nacho Elvira71-1-1F71
T53JB Hansen71-1-1F71
T53Andrea Pavan71-1-1F71
T53Mikko Korhonen71-1-1F71
T53Nick Gillespie71-1-1F71
T53Victor Dubuisson71-1-1F71
T53Nathan Green71-1-1F71
T53Shaun Norris71-1-1F71
T53Jason Knutzon71-1-1F71
T53Peter Fowler71-1-1F71
T53Michael Wright71-1-1F71
T53Ryan Haller71-1-1F71
T53Gareth Maybin71-1-1F71
T53Aaron Townsend71-1-1F71
T53Carlos Del Moral71-1-1F71
T53Peter Cooke71-1-1F71
T53Oliver Fisher71-1-1F71
T53Alexandre Kaleka71-1-1F71
T53Nick Cullen71-1-1F71
T53Matt Jager71-1-1F71
T77Simon Houston72EEF72
T77James Morrison72EEF72
T77Scott Laycock72EEF72
T77Scott Strange72EEF72
T77James Heath72EEF72
T77Wade Ormsby72EEF72
T77Soren Hansen72EEF72
T77Stephen Leaney72EEF72
T77Peter O'Malley72EEF72
T77Maximilian Kieffer72EEF72
T77Kevin Phelan72EEF72
T77Simon Wakefield72EEF72
T77Steven Jones72EEF72
T77Rohan Blizard72EEF72
T77Jorge Campillo72EEF72
T77David Klein72EEF72
T77Daniel Im72EEF72
T77Andrew Martin72EEF72
T77Jin Jeong72EEF72
T77Bryden MacPherson72EEF72
T77Brinson Paolini72EEF72
T77Fredrik Andersson Hed72EEF72
T77Roope Kakko72EEF72
T77Josh Geary72EEF72
T101Victor Riu73+1+1F73
T101Danny Willett73+1+1F73
T101Nathan Holman73+1+1F73
T101Leigh McKechnie73+1+1F73
T101Alastair Forsyth73+1+1F73
T101Steven Bowditch73+1+1F73
T101Andre Stolz73+1+1F73
T101Andreas Harto73+1+1F73
T101Anthony Summers73+1+1F73
T101Stuart Manley73+1+1F73
T101Craig Lee73+1+1F73
T101Matthew Millar73+1+1F73
T101Geoff Ogilvy73+1+1F73
T114Craig Parry74+2+2F74
T114Steven Jeffress74+2+2F74
T114Richard Lee74+2+2F74
T114Gregory Havret74+2+2F74
T114Steve Webster74+2+2F74
T114Chris Doak74+2+2F74
T114Adam Gee74+2+2F74
T114Matthew Perry74+2+2F74
T114Adam Stephens74+2+2F74
T114Jack Wilson74+2+2F74
T124Daniel Popovic75+3+3F75
T124Ryan Lynch75+3+3F75
T124Peter Lawrie75+3+3F75
T124Justin Walters75+3+3F75
T124Matthew Ballard75+3+3F75
T129Lee Slattery76+4+4F76
T129Jose Manuel Lara76+4+4F76
T129Eduardo De la Riva76+4+4F76
T129Matthew Giles76+4+4F76
T129Ashley Hall76+4+4F76
T129David McKendrick76+4+4F76
T129Leigh Deagan76+4+4F76
T136Adrien Saddier77+5+5F77
T136David Horsey77+5+5F77
T136Rick Kulacz77+5+5F77
T136Callan O'Reilly77+5+5F77
T136Mark Brown77+5+5F77
T136Gareth Paddison77+5+5F77
142Zhiqun Lam78+6+6F78
143Thomas Pieters79+7+7F79
144Tom Bond80+8+8F80


Thorbjorn Olesen and John Wade set the course record with matching 64s on Thursday and they hold the first-round lead ... Wade has never won on tour, while Olesen has one victory.

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