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Amazing Rivalries and other Olympic Issues

Odds & News | RJD ( Fri 3rd, August 2012 )

Every time the Olympics come to date, we have the opportunity to experience

The whole reality of the sports around the world and the way they inspire us; be by patriotism, the support of our countrymen and local athletes, the enjoyment of human nature for competition or simply by fun. In many cases, the Olympics are not so far from the sports we enjoy every week or weekend Sunday; rivalries, upsets, disappointing results or big winnings and lots of other issues that kept us interested.

I'll start with an interesting rivalry; you won't compare this with Celtics-Heat rivalry, but is quite exciting on its own. Swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are athletes determined to win Gold, not only for their country but for self greatness and recognition among the famous Olympic champions. Both swimmers are great competitors and both facing each other for the final run%u2026 or swim was simply epic! Phelps is the only fourth best 400-meter individual medley in the world; and Locthe is the only fourth best 200 free style. For Phelps, this victory was like adding a temple on his name over Olympian Mount; for Lochte is the way to show the world that he is not the shadow of this fellow countryman and that he can become a god by himself someday; that's true rivalry and hard competition! This simply added more excitement to their swimming duel. This is the example of the real and inspirational and true competitive feeling that comes with the Olympiads sports.

But sadly, just like the mentioned hard competitive spirit that reign in these events and those sports that are more regularly witnessed, there is always a dark side lurking even in the surroundings of the Olympic village. This year Olympiads have been victim of bad management and I even dare to say victim of conspirators and plotting.

By bad management I'll refer to some events that brought my attention, it was quite hard to see the efforts of sports men or women being spoiled by a small issue related to bad judging, bad decisions, or a time delay; a thing of a second, maybe milliseconds. One of the most terrible and awfully ruled events came from Fencing. Shin A-Lam of South Korea was deposed of the opportunity to fight for the gold due to a clock reading error by a 15 year girl referee, bringing her Olympic dream to shatters. First mistake: Who in this world hire a 15 year pub to manage time in a sport event? Then; the second mistake: Give a "one second time" to define the winner of such an important match by the first one to score wins. Not taking on the 15 year girl, but on the bubble head who hired her.

Then, later I found another controversial decision at the Olympic Boxing when Japanese Boxer Sathosi Shimizu Knocked down his opponent Magomed Abdulhamidov from Azerbaijan six times in the final round but the Judges decided to give the round and the win to Abdulhamidov. Ok, Shimizu were trailing his opponent by seven points in the final round, but then he made a huge comeback while Abdulhamidov tried to hold the lead he gained without too much offense. Six knockdowns should have stopped the bout, by the AIBA rules; after three standing eight counts the match should be halted. Instead of giving victory to Shimizu they gave Abdulhamidov an undeserving win. Luckily for Shimizu the AIBA reviewed the match after his camp protested this awkward decision. The Fight clearly should have stopped when the third of six knockouts landed; so the decision was overturned and they gave the victory to the deserving champion While some competitors sacrifice and sweat blood and tears to win their respective sports medals and get recognition for their efforts, other players look for other ways to get the gold by easier ways. Call it Strategy if you want, but the most will call it cheating; the reasons to do it may lie in the format or elimination systems applied on some sports; in this case was Badminton, were 8 women were kicked out for deliberately wanting to lose the matches in order to face "easier opponents" in the quarterfinals in an attempt to exploit the sport format. Now they have been disqualified and will be shamed under the public eye, not mentioning how this could affect their country sportsmanship reputation among other things.

It's sad when thing comes to this; trying to get things easily done may cost more than the real effort you can put on the sport these athletes are suppose to love and practice. Like in most sports around the world, at least there is some faith in those who get their gold and recognition by their efforts; there are motivations for winning everything at any cost, some in the fair way, others not as fair as has been shown on past Olympic sceneries.

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Amazing Rivalries and other Olympic Issues

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