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Money Lines

Odds & News | JAR ( Tue 8th, March 2011 )

While there are a lot of gamblers who understand the workings of the bet called "Money Line", many others have no idea how this works and the great potential benefits that it can bring to the players that use it.

Money Line is, in principle, is one of the types of bets, where you bet on the victory of your favorite team. This wager is within the classification of individual bets.

One of the main differences in comparison with other gaming systems, is that in betting 'Money Line', there is no point spread to cover. In this kind of bet, the player simply bet on the team that consider that will win in the game or event, even if it is the favorite or not.

The 'money lines' provide excellent opportunities for gamblers to win money. Having the option to bet on a team without worrying about covering a 'point spread'. This is quite appealing to many gamblers. This method is primarily used to bet on sports. Those sports that manage lines, such as basketball, hockey or football. Not only is money line betting used in these sports, it is also used in golf, tennis, boxing, NASCAR, and others.

Thanks to the internet, today its easier to follow the lines of these different games. And as a recommendation for those players who have never gambled online before, you should first check that the sportsbook in which you will bet is trustworthy, secure, and that suits your needs. An important fact is that the bookmakers offer bonuses, fast payouts and a wide range of sports betting lines. Many times the players did not know who to choose to bet, if this is your case, you can look at the comments of bets, left by other players

Bets 'Money Lines' are based on a parameter of $ 100. Basically, the player will risk more to win, but less if you bet to the favorite, or, risk less to win, but if you wager the non-favorite. In some sports or events you can bet on a balanced bet, which means that you will earn the same amount risked, in other words, if you risk $100, you can earn $100.

As mentioned earlier, Money Line Bets can be played as single bets, however, there is also the possibility of playing the money line as a combined wagers. However, the recommendation that I make this time is to start playing them as individuals first, and when you have the necessary experience and familiarity, then you can go to the next level.

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