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Venezuela Reach Semifinals at Last

Odds & News | MK ( Tue 19th, July 2011 )

Back at the Copa America, this tournament has brought many surprises, upsets and history made events

Among these events shines Venezuela; who has reached the semifinals on this famous American Tournament for the first time. I believe this is something worth to mention not only because they defeated one of the favorites, but also for the impact it has.

The first encounters were kind of slow, I even dare to say boring; lots of ties and teams that didn´t showed any kind of superior strength. I could say that the one of the most critic moment was to see the hostess team almost getting out of the tournament so early.

There are favorites, like in all sports. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile figure among the strongest. Almost all of them were faced with challenging teams to advance to the next rounds that gave and left sweat and blood on the field. We found Venezuela among these challengers in the group B, where they hold against Brazil, defeated Ecuador and made the fight against Paraguay. The efforts take them to the Quarterfinals, where they faced Chile.

Like almost every game on this Cup, on the first part; the game was slow and poor action near the goal line. Chile started late to conjugate the game to help Alexis Sánchez or Humbertos Suazo in taking some advantage. Venezuela kept the order and controlled most of the game thanks to midfielder Tomás Rincón. 35 mintutes later, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo crowned the ball beating goalkeeper Claudio Bravo to pass the goal line and taking the first blood of the encounter.

By the second half, the game drastically change, Chile charged in the field to look for the tie and the last spot in the semifinals. The goal came at the minute 24 when Suazo captured the ball inside the goal zone and scored the tie goal for Chile. However, when everything looked the way that was supposed to be, Gabriel Cichero took advantage of a rebound from Bravo and scored the second goal for Venezuela. Chile lost control of the game once more. The game culminated with Venezuela defeating the favorite Chile 2-1; making one of the most important achievements on their soccer history and finding their way into the semifinals.

Coach César Fariás quoted, ¨Our players are not satisfied only with this, they want more¨, along the tournament Fariás demanded respect for his team, since in past occasions his team was taken lightly and many people believed Venezuela doesn´t have any kind of merit. With the victory, Fariás cheer up and celebrate the triumph with his team. He promises Venezuela will be making this history far greater.

The coach of Chile Claudio Borghi leaves the tournament conformed at the performance of his team, and even with the elimination, he quoted that he may be sad for the defeat, but knowing that his team always moved forward, attacking and looking for the victory. He also discarded to have taken lightly a rival like Venezuela; and said both teams made their best to achieve the win.

The new challenge awaits now, Venezuela will be facing Paraguay on Wednesday 20 at Mendoza to reach the finals and a Cup they may deserve. For Venezuela; a good history still awaits.

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