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Euro 2012 Final Match

Odds & News | MK ( Fri 29th, June 2012 )

After an amazing performance, Italy brought down Germany 2-1 with two great goals of Mario Balotelli

I totally believed the Germans would be facing Spain at the end, but well, surprise, surprise! Italy got the magic! Obviously things change after such display of good football by part of the Azzurri squad, and make us think about the possible outcome of the coming Euro 2012 final match.

This game will be a rematch of their first encounter on the Euro 2012, when Italy and Spain drew by score 1-1. Spain took the lead of the group, while Italy has to cross over Croatia to advance. Both teams move through the bracket confronting and overcome each challenge and plus defeat their Group B opponents; the infamous Group of Death. None of those survived reach the end, Group C proved too much for them.

Now, they face again to dispute the trophy as if the draw on their first match was some kind of premonition of the things to come. I almost can imagine both teams facing each other after their first match and say "See you at the final!" certainly epic! After seeing both squads advance in so many different ways, we can begin to figure the quality of this Euro 2012 conclusion.

Spain will be playing for their third straight major international title after conquering the Euro 2008 and the World Cup 2010. On the other side it's Italy who is four-time World Cup winners and the Euro 1968; they are here to ruin Spain's thirst for glory. The opening match was only a warming up, this is the real game, the game of death; both squads will use the best they have to claim the spot of the best football of Europe; let's take a small peek.


The Spaniards have been struggling through the course of the Euro, and even if they find the ways to win, there is no doubt that the Reds are having some difficulties to get someone to finish the job. Without David Villa things have been quite complicated to get the ball inside the arc, against Portugal Alvaro Negredo simply was a failed attempt to fill the gap, Fernando Torres come and goes in a flickering shine and Fernando Llorente cannot make it, period. This may be a job for Cesc Fabregas, Jesus Navas or Pedro, they probably could make a huge difference, but I don't see Vicente del Bosque trying something that bold.


Andrea Pirlo and Balotelli will make it again; Italy would take the lead and start attacking furiously the arc early. Pirlo has been the man of the match on three games already, and he will do it again, his passing skill is amazing and accurate, he also has proven to be quite dangerous on free kicks. There is no doubt that Spain must take care against this man. If Mario Balotelli can focus on this game as he did against Germany, then he probably will overtop himself; so be ready, he may do something big again.

I still think that with all the amazing performance of Italy, Spain has a chance to prevail if they can get things right and on course, it maybe too late for La Roja to fix their game, since they are getting trouble with their back and front while Italy excels on both; but if Spain really want to add that trophy to their collection, then they will find a way to win as they seem to usually do, after all, they still have Iker Casillas, who only has concede one goal in all the Euro; thought it was Italy goal on the first match.

If by the contrary they keep struggling; then Italy will have their way in what I will consider a bloodbath. Pirlo directing the middle and playing together with Balotelli as they did against Germany, then things will go very smoothly for the Azzurri squad.

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