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A Renovated Roger Federer

Odds & News | MK ( Tue 28th, February 2012 )

With the last victory over Juan Martin del Potro; the rumors and signals of a renewed Roger Federer

Are starting to flow on the courts and gave to everyone the hints that the Maestro is back with enough strength to add some extra Grand Slams trophies to his collection as he lately just added the 71st title to his victory records.

2011 was the year of Novak Djokovic, we saw a spectacular display of tennis prowess on the Serbian master, and how he defeated strong opponents like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. We saw the fall of these heroes and many felt like the Swiss and the Spaniard just gave up everything they had and run out of their best tennis. But with his performance on the last events, we have noticed that Federer still has that magic touch that impressed us and gave him the remarkably title of Maestro. Roger still plays a sublime tennis and his battery can still give us some extra surprises. Even with the dominion on the courts by Novak, Federer had a successful year and also finished with style.

After the at the US open semifinals loss, things didn't get so bad for the Swiss master; having a winning rush in 25 games in a row, Roger conquered Basel, Paris, World Tour Finals, Doha before the withdraw and won five more at the Australian Open before facing and losing against his long time rival Rafael Nadal. But the road hasn't finished for him there, as he prepared for the next challenge playing in Rotterdam to add some edge to his skills against other opponents. His technique has improved, and now Federer play a more aggressive tennis, the strategies of one-two used by him no longer works against his most experienced opponents; this has lead the Swiss to look for new moves to overcome his most difficult rivals. He has been working on a new strategy related on attacking the return of serve, and also has improved the effectiveness of his backhand; but his serve and forehand hasn't changed at all though.

Federer still has too much tennis on him to offer, and a possible motivation for him to keep playing at his best is the desire to recover the spot as the top player of the world. Think for a moment that Nole will have a tough season trying to defend his points, even winning a good quantity of tournaments that he already has won during the last year. Nadal also has to defend enough points acquired from finals last year. We may take note that Federer didn't produced enough points during the last season; but if he keep winning some of the small tournaments and take down the Djoker and Nadal in the big events, he may become a dangerous contender for the top spot; it may be a hard goal to reach, but if there is someone with the potential to do it, that is Roger Federer.

Last year he may have faced many missteps, and overwhelmed with a low motivation, but this year, the Maestro comes with renovated strength and I believe that he may finish the season victorious and stronger, so don't be surprised if he reach the top spot at the end of the year.

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