Why LeBron James might not leave the Eastern Conference

Speculation about LeBron James leaving the Cavaliers again has been a constant all year but ESPN's Brian Windhorst doesn't see many teams making sense for James. 
Windhorst appeared on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption on May 17 and said he doesn't envision James signing with any Western Conference team.
"I just cannot see him going to the Western Conference. I can't see it," Windhorst said. "Unless it's just like, 'I want to be happy and live in Los Angeles.' If he and Paul George go to the Lakers — unless there's some other move that I can't see — and they're competing with the Rockets and Warriors, they may win 47 games and be the fourth seed and then be (knocked) out in the second round. Maybe he wants to do that. My gut says he still wants to compete for championships, so he's got to stay East."
LeBron James is one of the best players in the league, but it can't be denied that he goes to the NBA Finals almost every year because of how weak the Eastern Conference is. 
So if James does leave the Cavaliers again, it might be to sign with another team in the Eastern Conference. The 76ers have been considered a strong option but Windhorst said it doesn't makes sense either.
"A lot of people default to Philadelphia, but I'm not sure that's a great fit," he said. "What you need with LeBron James is guys who can shoot. Ben Simmons cannot shoot. LeBron's a ball-handler. Ben Simmons is a ball-handler. If LeBron came to the 76ers, Joel Embiid would be turned into Chris Bosh or turned into Kevin Love. He'd be told to stand in the corner and shoot threes. I'm not sure that's what Joel Embiid wants."
The 76ers will probably try to sign Paul George or trade for Kawhi Leonard to entice James, but the Cavaliers will not give up on the idea of keeping him. The Cavs could trade the No. 8 overall pick in NBA Draft and sign another player or two so that their franchise player stays. Jazz Sportsbook has the Cavaliers at +1200 to win the NBA Championship.
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