Robert Griffin III said that year away from the NFL helped him

4/16/2018 11:48:00 AM

New Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III spent a year out of the league and he believes it has helped him.
Griffin said he watched more football than ever before and that he focused on studying what other quarterbacks did and their mistakes.
"It helped me become a smarter player," Griffin told ESPN's Jamison Hensley at his introductory Baltimore Ravens press conference last week. "I tried to use that experience to grow. I feel like I have grown from that and I look forward to being able to show it."
Griffin referred to himself as a "grown player" and said he's great health-wise.
"Being 100 percent honest, I haven't felt this good since I came out of college," Griffin said. "A year off of football can do that when trucks aren't landing on you every play."
Griffin will now focus on salvaging his career. Being as healthy and improved as he says he will help and hopefully he makes the most of any playing time opportunities at Baltimore.