MLB Season 2011

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The 2011 season of the MLB (Major League Baseball) starts the past March 31 ending September 28 to see which are going to be the two teams

One of each National League and the American League will play the number 107 edition of the World Series starting the next October 19 on a National League field and will end no longer the October 28 also the National League team will have home-advantage for winning the past MLB All-Star game.

Season qualifying so far

At the National League side we can find:

East Division:

The Philadelphia Phillies are first with a record of 65 win and 38 lost and a winning percentage of .631, in the second place the Atlanta Braves with 61 win and 44 loss in this season w.p. Is .581 and a little bit far are the New York Mets with 53 win, 51 loss and w.p. of .510.

Central Division:

The Milwaukee Brewers are first, its record is 56 win, 49 loss so far they are more effective at home with a 35%u201314 against a 21-35 at road, the Cardinals from St. Louis are behind winning 55 and 49 loss just like the Brewers with a very good average of 27-22 home and 28-27 road games, and third place of the division are the Pirates with 53 win and also 49 loss.

West Division:

The actual champions San Francisco Giants are the top winning 60 against 44 loss, very close to Giants making a good season the Diamondbacks from Arizona with 57- 47 and a winning percentage of .548 and the most close to the Rookies with 49 win and 56 loss with 26-26 home and 23-30 road games.

And in the other side is the American League:

East Division:

The Red Sox from Boston are first with a total of 64 win against just 38 loss behind them their all-time rival the New York Yankees with a 61-41 with only 3 games behind, and following these teams with a little disadvantage are the Rays from Tampa with only 53-50 and 11 and a half games behind.

Central Division:

This division is very close, here the Tigers are fighting in the top with 55-49 but Cleveland is very close to them with a record of 58-50 and only 2 games behind, and third but for just a little Chicago with the White Sox are 3 games behind with a record of 51 win and 25 loss.

West Division:

In this last division the Rangers are the number one winning 59 and losing 43, closely follow by Los Angeles with 2 games behind and the other team with more hopes are the Oakland Athletics 47-57, the road games are not the strong side of the team they have 18-35.

Those are the more relevant issues in the baseball league until now in the season, we are going to see the chances of how the league is going to end as we get closer to October to see the World Series of this year.

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