MLB Playoffs

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After game 162-baseball in the first entire week of October, the baseball playoff begins

After game 162-baseball in the first entire week of October, the baseball playoff begins. The playoff starts with eight teams out of which, every four from the American and National Leagues, three divisional level champions and 1 wild card entry. A team having best record but has not won any division championship become the qualifier for the postseason.


In a tie situation for wild card or any of the divisions, there takes place a one-game playoff just another day after the season for finding the team that advances.

On the other hand, if the tie situation comes for a division and it is sure that the losing team will win the wild card, there hardly remains a no one-game playoff and the team winning the season series between all teams becomes the champion of the division. If the season series splits between the teams equally, the title is won by the team having the best record in the divisional game. If again the situation of a tie comes, the team obtaining the better record during the final 81 games is regarded as the winning team. Again, if the tying situation comes, the same scenario continues to the games 82, 83 and 84 etc.

ALDS and NLDS Division Series

The round-one is regarded as the division series in MLB playoffs that comes in the best series of other five series matching up to the top four teams in every league. The team scoring best record in overall gaming receives the top seed and the advantage of home field in the MLB playoffs. In the division series round, it hosts game 1, 2 and 5. The team scoring second best record hosts Games 1, 2 and 5 in its gaming series.

Typically, the match of the wild card team takes place with the team having overall best record in all games. Moreover, if all those teams belong to the same division, then match of the wild card team will take place with the second best team of the game.

ALCS and NLCS League Championship Series

The division series winners further advances to the best of seven series of National League Championship and American League Championship. The advantage to play on the home field will be received by the team obtaining best record among all teams. If the wide card team scores better over other qualifying team in an event i.e. a division champion, the advantages will still remain with the division champion with getting the chance to host the games 1, 2, 6 and 7.

World Series

The winners of the NLCS and ALCS series get chance to play in the World Series. The winning league in the game All-Star determines who will receive the advantage to play in the home field. In the MLB Playoffs, the foremost World Series was played in 1903 and a best of nine series conducted including the winners of the National League and American League. After two years, the best of seven series was also conducted. The splitting between NL and AL in the year 1969 game rise to the separate tournament series of NCLS and ACLS with the formation of the MLB Playoffs by four teams. The present alignment is adopted by the leagues in 1994 when the creation of another playoff round with the Division Series.

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