The Tigers are Still in the Fight

Odds & News | MK ( Wed 19th, October 2011 )

On last Wednesday, right over the edge, and running out of pitchers, the Tigers didn´t have another rock

To hold on but to Justin Verlander to save them of certain doom. The right handed didn´t fail to hold and kept the team in the most hardcore offensive shown in these majors to evade the elimination.

Even if the Rangers scored four runs to the best pitcher of the year, the boys of Detroit manage to survive, winning 7-5 over the Texans and now they live to fight another day in Tex territory for two games more of what its left of the American League (ALCS).

The Tigers had everything against; they used everything at hand to figure how to evade getting out of the championship. With the reliever Joaquin Benoit and Pitcher José Valverde unavailable, the mission fell on Verlander, who they need it to throw in the seven, eight, nine or all inning he could resist, and he made it!

These where 7.1 dramatic chapters that held the Rangers under control by seven innings, however they made it in the eight when they hit 2 runs more to put the scoreboard 7-4. The efforts of Phil Coke to hold the fiercest sluggers of the majors on the ninth inning full of adrenaline made him a hero of last hour. Also, when all hope was lost the baseball gods favored Detroit with another surprising miracle made by Delmon Young; When a injure forced Magglio Ordoñez to leave, an ALCS discarded Delmon Young was summoned to replace him, the outfielder scored two homeruns of the four made by his team and carrying three lines. The other two were made by Alex Avila and Ryan Raburn. The Ranger Nelson Cruz treat the Tigers when he scored a couple of homeruns, both made in extra innings in the third and fifth games, but Coke mighty efforts stopped the Rangers charge.

Even if the Tiger won the Game 4, can they really maintain the rhythm? getting a three-game winning streak is something hard to figure, and the Rangers wont come easy next time, plus they now have the advantage of playing on their own territory. The tigers will need more miracles if they want to keep in the game. I think that the Rangers will make the Tigers a trophy on their chimney wall; But hey, who said that miracles don´t repeat?

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