Last Second Heroic Shots and Layups

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Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals had everything you could expect on it; a great display of talent

By each team involved in the battle to win the spot for the final game of the championship. Unexpected rebounds, fast steals, acrobatic recoveries, and of course heroic shots and layups against time. Miami Heat had a difficult game 1 against Indiana Pacers; both teams seems to have given everything just in this first match; however there are more games ahead for both which promise to be even more exciting than the first one; however, the closing play for game 1 may be quite hard to surpass and it be forgotten so easily.

Games like this are the top of the ice cream, these are the ones we look forward when watching the NBA playoffs. We love to see when difficult situations are turned, when hopes lost suddenly became the result of a miraculous play, a well planned strategy or even much better, an unexpected twist on the reality. The Pacers are fierce, they are bold and dangerous. The Heat knows these facts and they had a taste of all of these qualities last night. The game was tight; one team always behind the other, the difference in points wasn't higher than 8 to 10 points for too long near the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third; both teams fought for a small advantage during the whole game, here the most dangerous enemy was the time which made of this match a race.

LeBron James, Miami greatest weapon were constantly put in difficult times by Indiana greatest defense provided by Roy Hibbert. With few seconds remaining to finish the match and Miami hardly winning just by three; Indiana FG Paul George drilled a three-pointer into the basket, making the score even and forcing the overtime. Miami hopes to end this hard game with a win and get an early rest were spoiled. The Pacers will give a fight.

The last moments of the OT were incredible, the game pace hasn't slowed at all and both team kept the same rhythm as before. With just 10 seconds left, Miami seems to have the winning edge again and leading 101 over 99 points thanks to a nearly unimpeded shot by James to the rim. After a crazy battle under the rim, Paul George was fouled by Dwyane Wade giving him the right to step on the line for three which he drilled effectively to put Indiana ahead by 1 and with only 2.2 seconds left. Miami fans were desperate; you could see it on their faces. Then it happened, as if this was the final moments of a movie the play about to occur felt in slow camera even at the fast speed that was made. Probably George was too overexcited about the ensuing the Heat possession that he jumped out too far on James, who received an inbound pass while spinning in front of his defender and charged against the rim with a layup right before the buzzer announced the end of the battle.

This wasn't the NBA finals, it was just the beginning of the Conference finals but you can say it was very close to it. Maybe the game wasn't as important to display such display of power, but you can see that both teams don't see it that way; for them winning every match had a large scale of importance; even with the minimal difference and the last drop of sweat and blood, so expect more games like this to come.

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