Can the Heat Repeat on 2013-14?

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NBA finals 2013 become one of the best finals on my list, the San Antonio Spurs

Put the challenge expected and the Heat came forward to accept it. Repeating the success of last year, the Heat crowned again as the champion after seven games of hard fought battles. With every second, each team put the best of their efforts, giving us an exciting final series. Records breached, outstanding performances and heroic last second plays; all in a legitimate game, tough and hard but so classy and clean, like a duel between gentlemen. I'm glad I have the opportunity to witness such games and these will remain in my memory for a long time.

Now that this season has ended, there are some who already get curious about what is going to happen for the next year season with the current champion; we ask ourselves if they have the wits to keep the pace; the wood to continue their legacy building, or what are the odds to repeat a championship another consecutive year. Logic says that lf Miami current team works, then they may keep it as it is for the next season, after all if it's not broken you can still have a use for it; however there are some fixing that must be made before continue their road to become a dynasty. So, what can we expect of Miami for next year NBA season?

The Heat need to recalibrate their team, do some minor changes. While its difficult to keep the triumvirate, probably the Big three will be disbanded; even with the efforts put by Chris Bosh, he seems dim under D-Wade and James shadows. If Miami is willing to keep him, they need to sharp him more. During game 7 I expected to see a more aggressive Bosh, especially after his scolding words against those deserter fans on game 6; sadly he disappeared from most of the game.

Miami had potential on Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers; both keep developing and evolving in productive machines. Chris Andersen made of the Heat a more dangerous team, his performance during the regulars and the playoffs gave Miami certain edge in positions where they lacked a good defensive advantage before Birdman%u2019s arrival. Shane Battier gave his contribution late in these games, but stand up when it counted. Battier will remain in the Heat; he still has more game on him to let him go.

Ray Allen made his choice when moved from the Boston Celtics to Miami, he wanted another ring, and he got it. If he won%u2019t retire, Miami surely will have his seat warm and comfy, he was a welcomed asset on the Heat and he still is a dangerous three-pointer as he show to everyone on game 6 devastating shot, definitely something any team values.

Obviously trying to defend their championship title for another year would be harder, especially after analyzing Miami latest opponents. The seven game's extension against the Indiana Pacers wasn't an accident at all. The Pacers are talented; they are tough and will have their chance next year at the playoffs run again. Assuming Miami had to face them again; if certain circumstances are met like re-signing David West, keep a healthy Danny Granger and Paul George and Lance Stephenson improving, so Indiana probably will be the brake of Miami joyride.

The Spurs were harder to chew than Indiana; they brought a clever plan developed by Coach Popovich that worked to the end of everything; %u201CKeep LeBron at bay of the paint and neutralize D-Wade and Bosh. Sadly for San Antonio, James figured how to do the damage with his jumpers when it mattered most. San Antonio still poses as a dangerous opponent. The seven games were incredibly even, with the only exception of the 36 points onslaught they brought on game 3. Another shot against the Spurs on the finals will be harder for Miami. The Spurs had wisdom and young energy to keep going; even at his age, Tim Duncan still has battery to take his black-silver team to another run for a Finals shot; the same goes for Manu Ginobilli and Tony Parker and his wicked shots. But the increasing threat comes from the young blood in the team, Kawhi Leonard, Danny green and Tiago Splitter which has become role-players for the team.

Sadly for Miami, between D-Wade knees, Chris Bosh lack of consistency and their aging crew, the possibilities of repeating a third championship are very difficult. Is not impossible though; as long as LeBron James wear the white jersey and keep giving demonstrations of his greatness as the best player on planet earth, Miami will always had a good chance to celebrate a new championship.

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