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Top 5 CBF prospects for 2014 Class

Odds & News | RJD ( Fri 15th, February 2013 )

Maybe last Wednesday all programs closed and start the deserved rest for all their efforts

But never is too early or too late to start picking up the best college football prospects that one day are going to star at our beloved NFL games, so like a task that never ends, the job of the recruiters is quite delicate and requires more than just observing the players at their games; is a matter of player stats, behavior, and in game capabilities analysis, so college football is not so different from professional football. Its the time when coaches start their recollection of data and begin to examine all the prospects available, and begin to choose their best options. This is a very short list of the top 5 prospects of the 2014 class.

5- Lets start with Cameron Robinson; the OT has stature and skill at his favor. Cameron has 6 and 330 pounds of power and speed ready to deal with stymie objectives. Robinson can deal with anything and take down his targets while lurking rushers near their space. There is no doubt that adding Robinson in the roster is a boost for any team. Rumors tell he possibly will be picked by Alabama or LSU.

4- CB Marlon Humphrey is another good deal for any team; Humphrey stands and provides a wall cover as a cornerback of 6 height and 175 pound. His versatility allows him to play near the limits the or on the field side thanks to his size and speed. He also can support the run or some press playing as an off-man. Humphrey is also a perfect prospect for Alabama and it wont be a surprise if he lands there.

3- Lorenzo Carter here; is a massive beastly DE of 6 and 232-pound bone breaker that can deal some hurting on the offense of rival teams. Carters size allows him to catch his targets with his long arms range while his speed makes him dangerous on the chase down from the backside. When he was playing as a junior, his stats record were 136 tackles, 45 being for loss, and 18 sacks. Every team wants this defensive machine on their roster, so Carter has received many offers and probably will get some more.

2- RB Leonard Fournette stands as a Juggernaut of 6 height and 227 pounds of weight; he may look heavy and stout as a heavy piece of machinery, but in fact he is armed with deadly speed and skill. Fournette made it clear in Louisiana, with stats of 2136 yards and 31 TDs to back him up. Fournette received offers almost from anywhere around the country. He probably will become the nation No.1 RB in a not so far future.

1- Da Shawn Hand is the No.1 prospect of this 2014 class; his frame consists of 6 and 250 pounds. The DE can be considered to the top junior on the country. Hand is a balanced player; he has good power, is strong on his feet and can play with leverage. His great quickness and reflexes allow him to deal with blockers; while his burst speed can put heavy pressure on ball carriers. With Jadeveon Clowney, Robert Nkemdiche, Mario Edwards and Noah Spence are considered as new elite DE prospects; Hand could be the next on the line.

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