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Boudreau Risky Move

Odds & News | A.Llen ( Fri 11th, November 2011 )

Last Tuesday the Washington Capitals were down 3-0 against an aggressive Anaheim Ducks

Team that dominated the first part of the game. With the hands tied and higher possibilities to lose the game, Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau made a risky move that proved to be not only a bold decision but also effective. He benched one of the most values Washington Capitals players, Captain Alex Ovechkin.

The decision came by surprise and not everyone agreed with Boudreau methodology at the moment. Suddenly he just calls a time out and poof! Six players went out to give the best of them for the team%u2026 Ovechkin wasn't among those six. For a game that seems to be necessary to risk everything one could think that the best move is to use the best of the best you have at your hand. It's clear that Alex could have been one of those "Last chance opportunity", however Boudreau knew his decision was correct in benching the Captain and take his chances in the other talented players.

The third line was Washington lucky charm. They were down 3-0 through the second period until Joel Ward gave the Ducks the first taste of what was about to come thanks to their teammate%u2019s assistance; Brooks Laich and Jason Chimera. Three minutes later Dennis Wideman scored the second goal with a slap shot. Boudreau was taking all the opportunities and gaps presented for his team advantage to at Anaheim level; he has to deal against Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan. The strategy made by Boudreau paid off, and the Anaheim stars where held to just left one threat, a goal by Corey Perry.

Boudreau made the bold move when the Ducks where over the Caps by 4-3 and with just a minute over regulation. No Alex Ovechkin? What is happening? Well; he wasn't the man for the job required at the moment, just that; plain and simple. Boudreau called Tomas Vokoun and sent six skaters to accomplish a mission that his best player could do alone. Quantity over Quality was the name of the game. Not that the six players sent lack on skill, and it was this what Boudreau saw. Maybe he thought the Ducks will focus on Ovi if he entered the play at this crucial moment, making more difficult for the Caps to get even with the Ducks and extend their chances. Better to use the other good players at hand and create an opportunity. The miracle came with Nicklas Backstrom, who made the matching goal at 19:18 and the winning goal at 02:18 of the overtime; to take the victory off from the Ducks' hands.

Boudreau had faith on the entire rooster at his charge, and the Caps are not tied to only a superstar like usually happens on other teams or sports. His way of thinking described as "Play well or sit down" has been working; the Capitals have been using this politic for a while and seem to be doing a great effect on the team. Ovechkin looked angry by Boudreau decision, but at the end it looks like he comprehended his coach motivations.

With the decision of leaving his best player at the bench, we can see that Boudreau plays to win, and he will do it with every player at his disposal and not only with the big stars.

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