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At the Horse Tracks

Odds & News | MK ( Sat 26th, March 2011 )

I´ve been asking myself how an effective Horse Race Handicapper decide are the Horses that are the best choice to bet for

Looking for advice, found a guy that give some of the best tips he use to define his caps. He call these tips angles.

The first is called the lone speed, If we want to bet for the horse, the first move is to look for that horse with the best records, preferable the one with the 1st and 2nd places in its running lines. This is an important choice, because this may be the Lone Speed. The front runner horse is the one we should look, those that get ahead faster and take the lead as soon as possible.

These make me laugh, in a way is like a kind of doping for the horse with a medication called Lasix. Apparently, for some bettors, the use of the Lasix is better when its applied the first time; others think the horse performance improves after the second time, giving better results in the odds. I don´t know if I can trust this, but it looks like the use of the medicament is legal.

The Layoff... The myth says this angle is when the horse wins after a period of at least four weeks of rest, and its even better if the trainer has won with a horse that use this method in the past; they are called Layoff Specialist. This may work. It doesn´t seems too scientific to me; but hey I´m blind on this too, so it may work

The Big Win; when the horse has gone off the pace in the most recent race and is then is drawn away though the stretch winning by four or more lengths. These horses usually perform much better in the next start.

Changing the Running Style; it´s when a horse runs from the back of the group; and suddenly rush full speed ahead, means the horse may be ready and prepared to run a big race. The same occurs when the horse leads and then came again from the off pace. So, keep a watchful eye on them.

Pay attention when the horse switches jockeys, but a skilled rider could bring higher chances to win. Look for patrons of top riders and top trainers; they usually have the best horses at their disposition, so look for curious trainer-jockey combinations. However I believe the true force is in the horse.

There are a lot of tips around the whole internet, you can try your Horse Race Betting in a good and reliable Racebook online before taking the ground based experience.

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