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Betting the Republican Vice Presidential Race

Odds & News | Ross Murray ( Tue 3rd, July 2012 )

Willard Mitt Romney is the Republican Presidential candidate

And while the polling shows him running even or just barely behind, most wagering sites show him to be a 3/2 underdog. What this means is that if the 65 year old multi millionaire is to win the White House he will need to find a way to win the swing states or invigorate the republican base with an exciting Vice Presidential choice.

According to our friends at, the likely choice will be Ohio Senator Rob Portman who is 225 with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at 7/2 and Florida Senator Marco Rubio at 11/2. Recently though the "smart" money seems to be on former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as she has fallen from 50/1 to 20/1 in the past week. From the standpoint of bringing in voters, Rice could attract two groups where Romney gets very little support... women and blacks. Currently Obama leads with Black voters 98% to 2% and with women 58% to 42% and Rice could help in both areas. Rice's father was a Jim Crow republican and she grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama vs President Obama's private school experiences in Hawaii.

While the tea party would love Pawlenty, he would bring few new voters to Romney and would make the republic ticket look pretty vanilla as in two boring white guys. While Marco Rubio would please both Tea party Republicans and Hispanics, it is hard to justify the first term republican senator who had to declare bankruptcy. While Rob Portman has solid fiscal credentials, his voting record shows him to be a moderate republican and a Romney/Portman ticket might cause Ron Paul to run as a third party candidate. The last time that happened, Ross Perot cost George H. W. Bush the 1994 election and no conservative wants to see that occur again.

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