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Italy Eliminates England in Shootout

Odds & News | Max Knight ( Mon 25th, June 2012 )

You can call it a jinx or you may call a curse a coincidence or simply call it

What you will! But you can't deny the facts that in the last ten international tournaments the exact same scenario for England, here is the breakdown 6 different tournaments go scoreless so the match must be decided by penalty kicks.

  1. World Cup Semifinal 1990
  2. Round of 16 1998
  3. Quarterfinals 2006
  4. Euro Championship Semifinal 1996
  5. Quarter finals 2004
  6. Euro 2012

Coincidental? Who knows but England now faces psychological duress every time they are in this situation be cause likelihood is this team will be in this predicament again.

Scoreless in 90 minutes of regulation, another 30 minutes of overtime now the match goes to penalty kicks... Consider the what goes through the minds of England's fans at this point for a second.

Ashley Young and Ashley Cole miss for England, Ricardo Montolivo misses for Italy. England is done Italy goes on to face Germany as a heavy underdog! England was dominated by Italy the whole match regardless of going scoreless Italy was dominant over England.

Now the Italians will face Germany in Warsaw on Thursday even as a heavy underdog Italy will play with heart and will perform and provide the Soccer Europe is known for.

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