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U.S. Tennis Mens Future at Risk

Odds & News | MK ( Fri 9th, August 2013 )

With the fall of john Isner during the first round at the Rogers Cup and his rank

Drooping below the #20; for the first time in 40-years the computerized rankings will show that there won't be an U.S. male player in the Top 20. This loss seems like very bad news for U.S Tennis fans, which probably should be looking to find other sports to follow or pray for a miracle and a last action hero. The problem doesn't end there; only two U.S players remain inside of the Top 50, John Isner and Sam Querrey; they are two of six players in the Top 100. These definitely are bad news for the USTA.

This decline of the U.S. men tennis seems to be a long history told that started a few past years. The fall of Isner just put this fact on the table and this can be taken as the worst decade for the U.S. Tennis men on history; Three years ago was the first time there wasn't a U.S. man on the top ten, Roddick dropped out briefly but was replaced by Mardy Fish who reached a high career No.7 on 2011, and later in 2012 Isner joined him in the Top 10; however, everything started to crumble. Being Andy Roddick the last U.S Man to win a Grand Slam; and his sudden retirement left a huge void to fill.

Isner begun to lack confidence and his health just got worst the past year. Meanwhile, Fish barely touch the court after suffering a heart condition, dropping to No.78 in the world. Querrey, the currently No.2 U.S. male player is currently ranked No.26 in the world. Fish probably have some more tournaments to carry on, but his age and health probably will prevent him to reach a top 10 ranking again. Querrey and Isner still have some time and a good amount of talent, but both are lacking that Grand Slam potential define a Tennis Champion these days and age are getting on them fast. Sadly, those are shocking stats, and the facts leave every U.S. Tennis fans with the current predicament of who to follow. Searching among the current ranks is hard, and having a look at the next generation keeps the expectative of getting better quite low.

Jack Sock and Ryan Harrison are the first ones to look for when searching for any sign of hope. Even if both players has been casually mentioned as the future of the U.S. Tennis men, both still have a long road to walk before proving that they can really hold the torch for the U.S. Sock is the youngest by just one year, but seems to have a bigger upside than Harrison due to his versatility and power; however he only has one full year on the ATP and is currently No.90, which isn't bad for someone just starting on a pro- tour. There is potential, but still need some work and nothing can be defined, not yet. Harrison has 21, just one year older than Sock and he is on tour since 2007. He reached a career high of No.43 last year, but fell down to No.104 in the world. Harrison lacks aggression and his temper doesn%u2019t help it either.

So it%u2019s quite hard to find someone who could take the U.S. Tennis man division torch. There are other young talents to seem to be growing certain amount of potential, so is good to keep an eye on them.

Christian Harrison, the 19 year old brother of Ryan is currently 337 on the tour. Other College-breed players like Steve Johnson (No.100), Rhyne Williams (No.116) and Denis Kudla (No.109) are possible candidates; but right now none of them seems to be a Top 10 potential.

Even if Tennis is a very profitable sport at global scale, in the United States is far behind the local sports like NFL, MLB or NBA, which are better options available for U.S. men to become professional athletes than Tennis. Sadly, the sports suffer the same syndrome as Football Soccer, which means that if they aren't good enough on it, they simply don%u2019t try to get better on it at all. So publicize it is very difficult, and making it more accessible it%u2019s even harder; at least for men. This usually comes in cycles, Andy Murray made it for the British after 77 years since Fred Perry; maybe in a not so far future, a Grand Slam contender will stand among the U.S men once more. Until then, just like Soccer has Hope Solo and Alex Morgan, at least U.S Tennis fans have Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens.

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